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Welcome to RCJudge.com, our passion for rc toys is what lead us to create this blog on in depth reviews on all things remote control. We hope to help you find the best remote control toy for whichever your need is. Our goal is to become the authority in the remote control blog world. Feel free to look all over our site and check out our reviews on things such as rc helicopters, cars, tanks and trucks. 

Best RC Helicopters :

best rc helicopter 2016

Our RC Helicopters page consist of a massive 5000 word guide on helping you find the best remote control toy for whichever you're need is. As our technology increases more and more people are starting to get into the hobby. These helicopters are not as expensive as they once were. Now you can find them RTR or you can custom your own. If you want to learn more about them click here. 

Best RC Trucks :

best rc truck 2016

The RC Trucks page consist of another massive guide on helping you choose the best rc truck on the market. They have been around as long as I can remember. Some of the leading brands like Traxxas are highly dedicated to releasing some top notch technology for them. My personal favorite would include the Stampede. To learn more about these awesome remote control trucks check them out here.

Best RC Tanks :

german king review

With a recent rise in shooting BB's the popularity on rc tanks has skyrocketed. They aren't just for fun anymore now you can actually have battles with them. I personally enjoy getting into a good battle with some of my friends. Check out our guide on finding the top rc tank here. 

Remote Control Cars Under 100:

best rc cars 2016

This list couldn't be completed without rc cars. They are probably one of the most popular remote control toy in the world. Companies such as Traxxas, and Redcat Racing dominate this sphere. With some rc cars reaching speeds of up to 50mph it's no wonder they're so popular. You can learn more about them here.

Best RC Rock Crawlers​ :

best rc rock crawler

You may or may not have heard of these before. While often people consider them remote control trucks they're really not. Just like the name they crawl in all different environments. Want them to climb up something? They can do that . You can use most of them in rough environments as that's what they're mainly used for. You can also check out our rc crawler tire page if you need help choosing which tires to get for them. 

Best RC Buggy:

best rc buggy 2017

These different type of remote control cars are fun to drive around! They make for awesome fun use and you can use them on rough terrains. ​They do tend to cost around the same as any rc car. Personally I love these due to being able to take them pretty much anywhere.

What to look out for in any type of remote control toy

No matter which remote control toy you end up choosing you always want to look at certain things before you buy wether it's an car, helicopter or truck etc.  If you click up above they will be more in depth guides specifically more related to those certain remote control toys while these are more general guidelines.

Battery Life: 

Checking our the battery life is perhaps one of the most important things. You don't want to end up with something if you're going to get annoyed with having to charge it every 5 minutes. It's also recommended that you get two batteries if you don't want to worry about that.


Make sure that the rc toy your getting is durable. You don't want to get something and have it break within 2 days. Somethings getting something at a higher price saves you more money in the long run.

Where can you use it? 

The place where you're going to be using your new toy definitely should come into play when choosing. If you want to get an rc helicopter but you're consider using it indoors then you might not want to get one that's to big. If you're getting an rc truck but you plan on using it in rough environment make sure to keep that in the back of your mind. ​