Adjusting Center Of Gravity On RC Helicopter

The center of gravity of your helicopter will determine which direction it will fly in quickly. Usually, the center of gravity of such products is placed right in front of the rotor mass. This allows the helicopter to lean forward, thus being able to go faster in that direction.

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When you are adjusting the gravity, it is imperative that you make sure it is located right above the main shaft. This will determine the flight type of your helicopter. Whatever changes that you are looking to make in your product, always make it a point to recheck the center of gravity as it can easily make or break the flight.

The steps for balancing your helicopter are quite easy. It will not take you much time to be able to fix the entire thing. Below are the steps you will need to take:

Steps To Adjust Center Of Gravity On RC Helicopter

1. Ensure that the helicopter is ready to take flight. Everything should be installed in its correct place, and the batteries should be in as well.

2. Take hold of the head of the helicopter and spin the blades. The position should be such that the blades point up.

3. Ensure that you only touch the head or blades of the copter.

4. If one of the parts is heavy and points down, it means that the center of gravity is not correct.

5. Adjust the weight of the copter to change the center of gravity and repeat the process. You will be able to tell that the center of gravity is fine if the body of the copter stays in a horizontal position.

How To Find The CG 

Always repeat the process by testing the center of gravity in both directions (right and left). This way you will able to make sure that it is accurately placed and that your RC helicopter has a great flight.

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