The Best Programmable Robots To Learn Coding

When you don't have exceptional skills in programming but want to learn in a creative manner, the best option is to get a programming robot. It is designed for children or amateurs depending on its functionality. There are several options out there, but all aren't as reliable. To make things easy for you, here are 12 of the best robots on the market.

Best Programmable Robots List 2017

SmartLab Toys ReCon

Kamigami Robot​

​Primo Cubetto


Robo Wunderkind




Makeblock DIY​





SmartLab Toys ReCon 6.0 

SmartLab Toys have come up with a brilliant robot that's fun to play with and encourages learning too.

Educational - The ReCon 6.0 challenges children with its slightly complicated programming. However, the keypad to give directions is pretty simple and with time, kids can get the hang of it. It is not just enjoyable with its many features, but it's also a way to teach your child the basics of programming, math, and problem-solving. It's not just for kids; it is for adults too! Even older people can enjoy this smart robot.

Increases family interactions - It has many admirable qualities. For instance, you can record a message, and the bot can deliver it to a person in another room. It can even carry things like a can of soda from one place to another. This also makes it a great personal assistant robot.


  • Tested quality and functionality
  • No assembly needed
  • For people aged above eight years old
  • You get to learn programming, problem solving, and math
  • No computer connection needed

Its a high-end quality robot with amazing performance. Your children will love it too. The only con is that in the beginning, it can seem quite tough to operate. However, that's not bad as a bit of challenge would just sharpen the child's skills. It is an incredible toy that's worth a try.

​Kamigami Robots

It's the world's first commercially available biomimetic robot. The way the legs move is directly designed after cockroaches, in fact. The co-founders and head engineer studied bugs for years to get this down (along with other key contributors at UC Berkeley's biomimetic millisystems lab).

This robot truly mimics nature. This is also why they are able to move so quickly, and on indoor/outdoor surfaces.-Kamigami blend origami principles with robotics engineering for a really unique toy experience. While at face-value a lot of people think that's just a neat concept blend, the intention there was a lot deeper.

They wanted to inspire kids who might not be "robot nerds" (yet!), or feel intimidated by STEM sciences. The build experience is designed for if you have no ideal how to use tools, or have never done anything but fold paper before. It's OK. You can do this, you can surprise yourself! The build is designed to be challenging, but with lots of victories along the way. And at the end of a mentally-stimulating hour, look what you've accomplished: you have this new robot sidekick!

We've seen lots of kids (especially girls) bond with their robots almost as if they were pets. It's pretty cute to hear that kids are sleeping with their robots at night, or building little houses for them, or deciding what kind of food they like.-You can really play with these things.

They don't break easy. We've thrown them out of planes and had kids step on them at events. Like the cockroach they're designed after, they're quite resilient (not sure they could survive a nuclear blast, though).

Primo Cubetto

Teach your child how to program at an early stage through this robot. It's fun to play with and teaches your kid new things as well.

Teach basics of computer programming - Build the foundation of your child's learning skills through Cubetto. This way, they can learn and get an idea about programming at a young age. It's like playing with LEGO but much more than that. Each block is a command, and each action is a program. By navigating maps and much more, you can challenge your kid's intellect.

Top Notch Quality - Made of linden plywood, this fun robot is durable. Resistant to wear and tear and made of top-notch quality, this robot doesn't disappoint.


  • For kids aged above three years
  • A touch-based, screen-less robot
  • Bluetooth aids the communication between the robot and the interface
  • Uses coding block language

While some say that the price is a bit high. Compared to the many features that it provides, the price has been set right. This device is worth purchasing.


This is an ingenious little robot that’s fun to hang out with.

cozmo robot

Super Smart - Cozmo is a genius. It doesn't just move around like other robots, but it interacts with you on an emotional level. The toy carries things around and has several modes and fun games. It's for not only kids but grown-ups as well. This robot has a personality that evolves the more you interact with it.

3 cubes - The bot doesn't come alone. Rather, it comes with three power cubes that are also fun to spend time with. The bot nudges you to play with them, presenting new games and ways to use the blocks just like a real pet.


  • Personality that evolves with time
  • Expresses real emotions to your actions
  • Needs a free app and connection to another gadget like a cellphone or a computer to work
  • Secure and durable
  • The more you play, the more upgrades and games

We are very impressed with how interactive this robot is and its many functions. It responds quickly and is like a pet. Overall, it is a fantastic little bot to have.

Robo Wunderkind

Robo Wunderkind consists of programming blocks that are fun and promote the learning of robotics and coding.

Programming blocks - These blocks teach kids a lot, from architecture to programming. The product is an intelligent substitute for LEGO. It works the same way as LEGO, but kids also get to learn the basics of both coding and robotics.

Easy and fun - The best part about this one is that just like LEGO, it is easy to play with. It is simple, but it teaches many other things. It tests the creativity of the child and gives them a chance to sharpen it over time. All the while, it is an enjoyable experience as well.


  • For children aged 5 and above
  • Teaches basics of robotics and coding
  • Electronic components embedded into blocks through a smart connection system
  • Sound sensors
  • Three options: starter, advanced and professional

It is an imaginative way to cement the foundation of children's programming skills. It's a convenient way to teach the child a lot of engineering-related things. The only disadvantage is that it's quite costly. However, it's totally worth it.

Thymio Robot

The Thymio Robot promotes creativity and fun. Kids and adults alike adore this robot for its many uses.

Wireless - The best part about this robot is that it is wireless. You don't need to connect it via a USB cable to the computer. When a machine has to be handled through wires, it gets messy as the wires keep entangling. Hence, this is an essential feature that makes this robot stand out.

Programming - This robot encourages engineering, programming, and thinking out of the box in general. You can program it with many languages, from JavaScript to Aseba Studio. A robot with multiple skills can provide great benefits.


  • Creative robot for people of all ages
  • TechyKids online course comes along with it
  • Connection with computer not required
  • Programming with visual programming languages and code including Blockly, JavaScript, Scratch and Aseba Studio
  • Features 40+ lights and 20+ sensors
  • It is LEGO compatible

Thymio is a very efficient and resourceful robot. No matter what age you are, having Thymio by your side is an excellent experience. We are very happy with this product because of how innovative it is. The only drawback is that it is rather expensive, but that doesn't count considering how efficient and durable this robot is.


This is an intelligent way to teach your kid the basics of programming. The blend of playtime and learning time makes the Pro-Bot an excellent product to have.

pro bot

Smart Design - The Pro-Bot has a very innovative design. It's built like a car that sports some buttons. This way children are attracted to it and get interested in playing with it. It is designed so creatively that it can hold a pen as well. Hence, every time it moves, the pen draws on the surface.

Two Modes - You can teach your kid computer programming in two different modes. As the child learns more, they will get more skilled and be able to switch between modes quickly. The Bee-Bot mode uses arrow keys and the Go button for movements that default to a set amount. In the Logo mode, a combination of the arrow and number keys can be entered with distances entered for movement and degrees for turns.


  • Dual modes: Bee-Bot mode and Logo mode
  • Smooth transition from one mode to another
  • Built-in LCD
  • Features sound sensors
  • Can store sub-procedures

It is an aesthetically pleasing gadget that comes at an affordable price. The one demerit is that it is of no use to adults. However, for children, it's a fantastic device. This one is also worth the investment.

Modular Robotics MOSS 

With this kit, you can play and gain knowledge all at once. It is an incredible way to have a good time while enhancing your skills.

Invent and create - Kids can think up whatever sort of robots they want to build and construct thousands of new creations. It's a brilliant way to sharpen one's programming and architecture skills. It's an excellent kit for kids and adult beginners to learn something and have fun as well.

Connections - You can pair the bot with an iOS or Android device to unlock even more features. For instance, the robot can move with the help of a Bluetooth connection with an iOS and Android device.


  • Double Brain Block included that connects via Bluetooth to iOS and Android platforms
  • Solid construction gives kinematic creations
  • 52 MOSS blocks and 140 Carbon Steel Spheres for creating several robots

This versatile robot-making kit is a high-end top quality robot. The only thing that is slightly troublesome is that it does get a bit tough to wrap your head around its working in the start, but that's not a major issue. Overall, it's a classy robot that is worth the investment.

Makeblock DIY Starter Robot Kit

Fun kit for learning the basics - This starter kit is excellent for comprehending the basics of robotics, programming, and engineering. It offers a step-by-step learning process that's not only for kids but for adults as well if they are interested. Programming and interactive apps have been made easier to understand.

Easy assembly - Building robots has never before been this easy. This kit isn't just fun to have, but it's also informative. It also provides convenient wiring and usage.


  • Gives perfect STEM education
  • Aluminum extrusion structure
  • Convenient to assemble
  • Comes in two versions; Bluetooth and IR

it is an innovative robot that kids can learn a lot from. Even adults have enjoyed using it. The only drawback is that the batteries are not included and are difficult to find. However, if you do find them, this is one of the best smart toys out there. Overall, it is a fantastic product which is worth buying.

3pi Robot

This is a fascinating pre-assembled robot that allows for easy programming. Amateurs are sure to admire it for its simplicity.

Twin motors - This programmable robot is an ideal replacement for one that can't be programmed. The best part is that it has two micro gear motors. This means that the performance is high-end and very fast. It runs at a speed greater than 3 feet per second, which is perfect for strong beginners or people who'd like a greater challenge.

Pre-Built - You don't have to assemble it for it to function. It is already assembled. You will only need a few things that aren't included in the package. All you need to purchase additionally are a USB cable and batteries.


  • Dual micro metal gear motors
  • Sports five reflective sensors
  • Features an 8 x 2 character LCD
  • Has a buzzer
  • Features three pushbuttons

It has good performance and fast operation. The only disadvantage that it poses is that you've to flash the hardware so that it functions with another device such as a computer. That isn't a big deal though. This 3pi Robot is an excellent companion to have if you want to experience simpler programming.

Meccano - Meccanoid 2.0

It is a fun robot that can be constructed in three different ways. This one is a joy to have around.

Motorized Movement - The Meccano - Meccanoid 2.0 can be built in three intelligent ways. It's an ideal toy for kids aged above 10. Since it has six motors, the movement of its parts is excellent. The robot's eyes are LEDs and the smart device communication featured with it makes it feel like the bot is alive. The Learned Intelligent Movement and Drop and Drag programming plus the Rag Doll mode make the movements even more realistic.

Phrases - Apart from the smart device communication feature, this robot knows more than 3000 preprogrammed phrases. This means it can tell stories and play trivia with you without any problems.


  • Featuring six motors
  • Knows 3000+ preprogrammed phrases
  • You can program it in three creative ways
  • Sports voice recognition
  • Features smart device communication

It is fun it is to own it and it's functionality is impressive. The only thing lacking in it is that it's very time-consuming to build it. However, that's not a major problem. On the whole, this one is a great robot that is worth purchasing.


A fun buddy for kids, Silverlit is a humanoid robot that looks fascinating and has excellent qualities.

Intelligent Sensors - One problem with robots is that since they aren't human, they often bump into things and damage themselves as well as leave scratches on the surface of their obstacle. Unlike other bots, this one doesn't do that. It has intelligent sensors that prevent it from hitting obstacles. That makes for an incredible feature that other robots should take note of.

Activated by sound - So if you clap in a room, the robot would react. That way, it has many other admirable qualities that make it an amazing friend for a kid.


  • 36 actions in a single go
  • Intelligent sensors prevent it from bumping here and there
  • Features sound activation

Its smooth performance has gained it positive reviews. The one thing missing in it is a remote control. Users have mentioned that a remote would have made it better, but that con doesn't count in the face of the many pros. All in all, it is a marvelous robot to have.

ArcBotics Sparki Robot

Sparki is an affordable, innovative, and versatile robot that makes learning engineering, programming, and electronics worthwhile.

Arduino - With sensors, motors, LEDs, switches and much more, this one is a full package of learning electronics. It teaches the essentials of engineering and programming. It is a very resourceful robot that aims to let you test your imagination boundlessly by letting you create almost anything.

C++ robotics kit- A strong foundation strengthens the future. With this robot, beginners get to learn block-based programming. This gradually transitions to more complicated C++ programming. It is ideal for learning the tough basics of the subjects.


  • Teaches children aged above 9 coding, programming, and electronics
  • LCD and light sensors
  • Motor wheels and remote control
  • Speakers and edge detection sensors
  • Program above 40 parts

People have highly praised this robot for how educative it is. It gives a chance to people to start learning electronics and coding from scratch. This is why individuals of an older age group also find it useful and not just children. The only drawback is that it can be tough to use the first time. However, once you get an idea, it's nothing but fun and knowledgeable. It is an excellent product that isn't a waste of bucks.

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