Best RC Cars Under 100 in 2019

Driving remote control cars can be one hell of a past time. It's suited for pretty much anyone. From kids to adults. That's why I created this huge guide to help you find the best rc car under $100.

The technology in these things is constantly changing and getting better and better by the day. 

Finding the best rc car under 100 can be a bit challenging with so many options to choose from. See our other post on the best rc cars under 200 and under $300 and under $50. Hopefully after reading this you'll be able to find the one perfect for you. So let's take a look at some of these fast rc cars under 100:

ImageRC CarTop SpeedTerrainPrice
hosim 33Hosim33 mphOn Road$
tamiya grasshoperTamiya Grasshopper15 mphOn Road/ Off Road$
babrif11Babrit F1133 mphOn Road$

Alright now let's take at the in depth reviews on the best remote control cars in 2019. Below each rc car review you will see the pro's and cons. Some of these are fast, off road and on road. While these are what we found to be the best you might find some more suited for you than others. Here is the list: 

Best RC Cars Under 100 List

1. Hosim - Best RC Car Under 100 Dollars

hosim rc car review
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Hosim Electric is counted among the best RC vehicles and rightfully so because it challenges the limits of RC toy cars and delivers unmatched top speed and performance. With a rated top speed of 33mph, it's one of the fastest RC cars in its price range.

Just like most of the other cars, it also operates on 2.4GHz remote control frequency, while the 390 motor GP brush is powerful and delivers a strong performance.

The RC car features a Li-ion 800mAh, 7.4V battery, while the charger to power this rechargeable battery is also provided. However, you'll require two AA batteries to power up the RC transmitter.

The Hosim is known for its incredible handling and suspension, which is largely due to the S-truck suspension technology that allows it to be easy to control and steady at all times. Overall, it offers the perfect combination of handling and speed, which is very rare in RC cars.

With a 33mph top speed, it's faster than most budget-range cars, while the 2-wheel drive allows a smooth and easy on-road drive. To ensure maximum maneuverability, it features a steering servos and ball bearings to give smooth and accurate turns and maneuvers. Hosim is probably the fastest rc car under 100.

It features rubber tires containing sponge insert which gives realistic and steady movement, while the rear wheel drive allows easy control of the RC car at all times. It comes with an operating range of 100m which is pretty impressive. The package includes not only the RC car but also the Li-ion battery and charger, steering wheel, transmitter and a user manual.


  • One of the fastest rc cars
  • Suspension makes it easy to handle
  • High operating range
  • Everything that it needs comes with it (RTR)


  • A bit expensive

2. Tamiya 58346 Grasshopper - Best Off Road RC Car Under 100

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tamiya grasshoper review

While this one may not be a modern car utilizing the latest technologies and features, it's definitely a classic RC vehicle that has been around for many years. The Tamiya Grasshopper remote control car is based on the 1-seater buggy that was very popular on the dirt tracks back in the 80s.

The very first Grasshopper remote control car was launched way back in 1984, but the popularity of this hasn't waned at all. If anything, it has become the ideal entry-level candidate thanks to its easy assembly and control, lightweight design, and comfortable handling.

The kit comes with all the assembly parts, but it's compatible with a whole range of parts such as the 540 motor and ball bearings. It's designed to cater to all the RC car kit enthusiasts.

It's compatible with most of the options to allow RC hobbyists to customize the Grasshopper car that will keep up with their own driving experience. Overall, this two-wheel drive buggy car is capable of handling both on-road and off-road tracks.

Tamiya Grasshopper is a simple yet durable that features simple assembly but a tough exterior which is designed to survive rough terrains. The durable plastic body is fastened to the chassis by screws which give a solid frame that is capable of absorbing rough handling.

It comes equipped with a 380 type motor, but the chassis is also compatible with the 540 type motor. The coil spring dampers, rigid axle rear, and the independent swing axle front suspension ensure smooth driving even on off-road tracks.


  • Easily customizable
  • Drives in any terrain
  • Lightweight Design


  • Less technologically advanced

3. Babrit F11 - Best Electric RC Car Under 100

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The Babrit F11is not for those who want speed or drift, but it's designed for those who love to race in off-road terrains. This RC car is designed for the wilderness, but that doesn't mean it's slow by any means. It's capable of a top speed of 33mph.

The Babrit F11 comes with a powerful 390 brush motor with a speed of 30mph and above. Just like most of the other remote controlled cars, it's also controlled by the 2.4GHz transmitter. Since it's a two-wheel drive, the Babrit F11 is ideal for off-road driving. The battery timing isn't the market best, but it still offers up to 15 minutes of run time on a full charge. It also offers an operating range of 100 meters.

The Babrit F11 features S-truck suspension technology that provides ease of use, speed, and stability. The car has a waterproof design, which makes it ideal to be used by little kids as well as RC hobbyists. The Babrit runs on a powerful 9.6V, 700mAh Li-ion battery making it one of the top rc cars under 100.

It is a high-speed remote control car with a beautiful design and lightweight construction, weighing only 3.4 lbs. Assembling is easy as it comes with a screwdriver, hex wrench, and a user manual. It also features a transmitter, steering wheel, and a charger for the rechargeable battery.


  • Low Cost
  • Waterproof
  • Can handle off road driving


  • Not as fast as the previous mentions

If you're interested in other rc toys then be sure to check out some of the best rc excavators as well!

Factors to Consider Before Buying an RC Car For Less Than 100 Dollars

There's no doubt that remote control cars and trucks make up a unique category of toys because they appeal to a wide range of people.

They attract everyone, from small kids who love to play around to hobbyists who not just race but also upgrade and repair their cars.​

These are some of the things that we took a look at when deciding what the best rc cars were. Check out these rc cars for beginners here.

However based on your personal preference you can make this decision based on it. Make sure to keep these things in mind before you make a purchase!​

Off Road or On Road Vehicle

Once you have decided the grade of the vehicle that you're after, you'll want to consider whether you simply want an on-road vehicle or an off-road one which is a more versatile option.

If you purchase an on-road RC car, you'll be able to get superb handling on smooth surfaces. Similarly, RC drift cars are also great at sliding around the corners in style.

Off-road cars, on the other hand, are capable of driving on concrete as well as off it on rocky terrains. While this will give you more versatility for stunts and jumps, you'll be sacrificing on handling the performance of the vehicle.

Type of Battery

Remote control cars also feature rechargeable batteries that allow you to recharge and save time and money. While the battery life tends to be short-lived, it's important to consider the running time as well as the charge time. You can read more about rc batteries here. Click here to find the best rc battery charger.

Remote Control

The remote control that controls your vehicle is also of importance since some offer very limited control of the vehicle. With the 2.4GHz pistol-grip remote control, however, you get precision control as well as improved ergonomics. Learn more about transmitters here.

If you are running the vehicle with other users, make sure you get an RC vehicle that runs multiple channels to avoid interference.

Adults or Children?

The trick to choosing the best remote control car is to figure out what you or the person you're purchasing it for intends to do with it.

Experienced car enthusiasts prefer trucks and cars with high speeds, precise handling, and advanced performance. However, these features also make controlling and maintaining considerably more complicated. While these features are lucrative for the adult enthusiasts, small children who are just looking for a toy will have a hard time controlling them.

When you're buying an RC car for toddlers or small kids, the most important features to look for are durability, safety, and ease of use. Features such as a waterproof chassis should be your primary concern instead of a high top speed.

While these won't offer the most impressive specs, they will meet your and the kids' needs and give them a safe and beginner-friendly platform to have some fun and hone their abilities.


While all the products in this category are referred to as remote control cars, there are several types of RC vehicles including cars, trucks and buggies. Mostly, people purchase them for on-road driving while trucks for the off-road thrill.

On-Road Cars

When it comes to cars, you can not only find on-road cars but drift cars and rally cars as well. If speed is what you're looking for, you should purchase since most models offer 40+ mph, while some even go up to 100mph.

Drift RC cars are mostly electrically powered and offer great control on smooth surfaces. On the other hand, rally cars can be driven on and off the road, even though they are not suitable for serious off-road use. For that purpose, you'll need an RC truck.

RC Trucks

RC trucks are what you should get if you're looking for some serious off-road fun. There are three main types of RC trucks: monster trucks, stadium trucks, and short-course trucks. You can check out our guide on rc trucks here.

Monster trucks are ideal for off-road bashing and mudding since most of them are waterproof as well. On the other hand, short-course trucks are being used for competitive racing. They're more durable and deliver high top speeds as well. Want a very fast rc truck? See our review on the Traxxas Slash 4x4.

Stadium trucks are a cross between a buggy and a monster truck. These RC trucks offer rear-wheel drive and have wheels away from the body which gives more stability.

Well we hope you enjoyed our list of the best remote control cars under $100!​

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