Best RC Helicopter Brands

The best RC helicopter should be able to wing its way as long as users want and as smoothly as possible, no matter how decent or harsh the wind conditions are. Apart from that, it should provide easy access to batteries that allows users to switch out cells conveniently.

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It should have an excellent build, quality design, and deliver superior performance so that people can enjoy the experience of flying their remote control helicopter. If you're looking for the best RC helicopter brand here is our list:

1. Syma

Syma is one of the greatest manufacturers of RC quadcopters and helicopters. Its Syma S-107G is an outstanding device that keeps on flying even when you crash the helicopter repeatedly. This product is easy to fly and the most durable one that you'll ever find. While it is not as excellent in providing accurate movements and speed as the Walkera Super CP, it won't disappoint you.

2. Hero RC

Hero RC is a remote control toy company that was established back in 2011. It manufactures high-performance RC toys for users who are looking for excellent quality and functionality. Its Hero iRocket helicopter has a four-channel radio transmitter that lets users fly side to side. If you want a lightweight and good-looking frame, this helicopter is a must-have for you. It was included in one of our post:

3. Walkera

Walkera was established in 1994 and since then, it has been manufacturing excellent and professional aero-models in order to provide its customers the best of the best. Its Walkera Super CP is an outstanding RC helicopter that can fly at multiple speeds, upside down, and almost in any direction you want. However, it might be a little complicated RC helicopter for beginners, but if they get a hold of it, they won't settle for any other brand ever.

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