7 Best RC Transmitters: 2017 Reviews & Guide

If you've developed a hobby of playing with RC toys, buying the best RC transmitter is important. It is, in fact, the best investment you can make to make your hobby more interesting.

These toys are controlled by small handheld devices that send a frequency signal to the receiver of the toy. 

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1. Best RC Transmitteres Reviewed

2. How Many Channels

3. Dual Rates​

1. Best RC Transmitters Reviewed

It is important to note that an RC transmitter always works with a receiver. Hence, whenever you buy, you get a receiver along with it too. Here is the list of top seven RC transmitters that are loaded with features and operations that'll enable you to make the most of your RC device.

GoolRC FS-T6 6 

gool rc fst6 review

Founded by FlySky, the FS-T6 is a 6-channel 2.4 GHz RC that is loaded with features and operations to make the flight more interesting. It is perfect for sports modelers who want to control many devices such as airplanes, helicopters, and gliders.

This one has the ability to store the configurations of more than 20 models and allows the users to save a whole fleet of flying devices. It is very easy to program the FS-T6 as the interface is very simple. It is equipped with an active and passive anti-jamming feature that ensures low power consumption even with high receiver sensitivity.

FlySky i10 

fly sky i10

This one is a lightweight with an ultra-thin body. It has 8 switches and 5 knobs that enable you to perform various advanced operations. It uses a second-generation automatic frequency hopping digital system that allows it to operate as a modern two-way communications telemetry.

It is used for operating these model types: airplane, helicopter, drones, and rc gliders. It is a 10-channel with 2.4 GHz frequency range.


gool rc fsi6

This one has 6 channels and a radio frequency range of 2.40-2.48 GHz. It uses a high-quality multi-directional antenna that covers the frequency band. It has a sensitivity receiver that makes sure the radio transmission is uninterrupted. This has a unique ID that pairs with the receiver and doesn't accept data from other receivers.

This feature allows picking up data from other transmitters and, thus, improves the flight. There is an AFHDS2A system that extends the reliable transmission distance. The system has built-in error correction and multiple channel coding features to maintain the stability of the flight.

FrSky Taranis X9D 

fr sky taranis radio

The FrSky Taranis is a new and includes a haptic vibration feedback system. This system allows you to have an alternative voice and sound feedback data. It has a dual-color LCD back-lit screen that allows you to change the screen from white to blue. It supports 16 channels (without combining the external module) and a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz.

The company FrSky is known for its powerful and frequency leaping technology, and provides an excellent and reliable transmission distance. It has 60 model memories and thus, it can be used for as many devices as you want. It is easily programmable and you can even use your voice for different operations. There are voice alerts for low voltage warnings, countdown timers, landing gear down warnings, and many other functions.

Orange RadioLink AT10

orange radio link

It is a multiple function that can control helicopters, airplanes, and almost all flying type models. Using this transmitter, the user can get the details of the model in real time. It can support 10 channels and has a frequency of 2.4 GHz. It uses a strong anti-jumping DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology that makes it faster and more powerful than others.


fsct 6b radio transmitter

The FS-CT6B uses a super passive and active anti-jamming feature. It can be used to fly gliders, helicopters, and airplanes. It supports up to 6 channels and has 8 model memories. The transmitter uses an excess antenna by using a linear spread of fine paragraph and covers the entire bandwidth.

FlySky 2.4GHz 

fly sky transmitter

The FlySky 2.4 GHz is loaded with amazing features and operations. It consists of a complete transmitter and receiver package and has an ergonomic design. It has been designed considering the needs of advanced devices and experienced pilots.

A radio control transmitter usually gets power from a 9-volt battery that provides power for the transmission and control of the signal. The processor onboard makes it very powerful and feature-enriched. These features are not present on others.

They are advanced enough and can be used for many different RC toys. If you're a serious modeler, you must know how helpful these devices are. In this post, we'll let you know about the features and things to look for.

Things to look out for

Learn how radio transmitters work check out that page. Thus, the first question that comes into the mind of an RC hobbyist is how to choose one. Following is the list of factors you should consider before buying.

2. How many channels

A channel is the first thing to be considered before buying. Usually, 6-channel models are being used and are popular among hobbyists. Four channels are the minimum requirement for an RC toy because even the simplest model will need to control a few actions.

With a four-channel, you'll be able to perform four functions. For example, one channel will be used for throttle, one channel for moving forward and backward, one channel for turning left and right, and one channel for rolling left and right. With more channels, you'll be able to perform more complex functions.

These days, even a common flying model has turned into a complex one and require more channels to be controlled. More channels mean more operations, such as lighting systems, lost model alarms, retractable landing gears, flaps, sound systems, gyros, and gimbals. These additional features aren't necessary, but if you want to enjoy your ride more, you can add them.


There are two different modes: mode one and mode two. Both modes have different configurations. Mode one has the throttle control on the right joystick and elevator control on the left one. Mode two has the throttle on the left joystick and elevator control on the right, while the right joystick centers in both axes and the left joystick centers in the left/right and clicks in the up/down axes.

3. Dual rates

There are switches that are used to control the dual rates. By controlling the dual rates, you control the sensitivity of the model during its flight. Two different amounts of control surface movements are defined for the roll, pitch, and yaw axes that are termed as high rate and low rate. Look for one that has a separate switch assigned to each axis.

Model memory

Buy one with enough memory slots. The processor-based products are rapidly evolving and thus, it is necessary that you have one that can store a large number of profiles. If you buy a transmitter with only a few memory slots, you'll have to upgrade it very soon because of the changing demands.

Servo reversing

Another important factor to consider is servo reversing that lets you control the surface movement and the direction for control input. There is a servo reversing menu that enables you to change the direction that the servo will define on a specific channel. If you overlook this facto, your device may crash during its maiden flight.


Whatever type of RC hobbyist you are and whatever type of RC models you use, without a good remote control transmitter, the fun is incomplete. Be it boats, cars, planes, or helicopters, you'll find that it has an important role in controlling these models. However, these days, helicopters, airplanes, gliders, and quadcopters are in more demand and for this reason, they have been designed with the functionality of a flying device in mind.

All the ones discussed above use the most cutting-edge technology, but the best radio control transmitter according to its features and specifications is the FrSky Taranis X9D Plus. It is the most advanced one as it supports the most channels and can be used to fly as many models as you want.

Hope you enjoyed our reviews on the best rc transmitters. Hope to see you soon. ​

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