Best RC Truck Reviews 2018

This article features our top picks for the best RC trucks out on the market right now.

Over the past decade or so, there has been a growing interest in remote control trucks. It is hardly surprising if you stop to think about it – radio control trucks are fast and exciting and available for every budget, so everyone can enjoy them regardless of their age or interest.

There are four main kinds: on-road, off-road, stadium and monster trucks, and each can be powered either electrically or by nitro/gas, which means that there is something out there for everyone.

let's take a look at some of the best rc trucks.

Best Remote Control Trucks Comparison Table 2018

1. Redcat Racing Volcano EPX - Best Electric RC Truck 

redcat volcano review

Redcat Racing has very firmly established itself as the brand of choice for cost-effective yet high-performing RC trucks, and the Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck is no exception. The best part about this particular model is the inclusion of an electric brushed motor that helps you minimize power loss and increase battery life and efficiency in the process. That means you spend less time charging and more time enjoying your truck!

But that's not all; the Volcano also comes equipped with a shaft-driven 4WD that gives you the traction you need to help you navigate tight spots. Maximize your performance with a lightweight plastic chassis and an aluminum body. At the same time, the 2.4 GHz radio guarantees you perfect control every time.


  • Suitable for every kind of terrain
  • Designed for speed and durability
  • Replacement parts are very easily available
  • Highly recommended for beginners


  • Charger is not included and needs to be bought separately
  • The original battery runs down very quickly. A new battery with a higher rating is strongly recommended

2. Traxxas 36054-1 Stampede - Best RC Monster Truck

traxxas stampede review

The Stampede has traditionally been a hot-seller thanks to its high-level performance and, as the name suggests, its ruggedness, making it a well-deserved contender for the title of the best remote control truck. All of this combined means that buying the Stampede spells hours of pure enjoyment when it comes to rc monster truck driving. This particular model boasts a bold look and maximizes power to amp the excitement factor as high as possible. Ground clearance is very high as compared to many different models out there.

Combined with the tough suspension, you get increased horsepower and even more performance for a more satisfying truck experience. No matter what the terrain is, be it mud or snow, you can rest assured the Stampede will not fail you! It's diversity makes this one of the best electric rc monster trucks. For a similar model see our review on the Traxxas Slash.


  • Replacement parts are affordable and easily available
  • Easily manageable by older people or those with limited hand and finger movements
  • Highly durable
  • Suited to any kind of terrain
  • Highly recommended for beginnners


  • Tends to overheat easily
  • Car charger does not come with an adapter, which needs to be bought separately

3. Traxxas 37054 

traxxas wrustler review

There are very few trucks that can even come close to the fun afforded by a Traxxas Rustler, which is one of the most popular and hot-selling models available in the market today. The Rustler is included in the list of top rc trucks as it leaves the competition well and truly far behind thanks to its enhanced power, better grip and improved performance that beat its competition hollow, making it rightly deserving of its place among the fastest RC trucks that money can buy. A Titan 12-Turn Modified 550 Motor, XL-5 Electronic Speed Control and Revo Spec Torque-Control slipper clutch all combine to make off-roading a treat for the seasoned enthusiast as well as for the complete beginner. The Rustler is designed for power and it shows. You'll be amazed as the Rustler runs through puddles, mud, snow, you name it! You can use it on rough and rocky terrain just as easily as on a paved road. Waterproofing means that you don't have to worry about your electronics getting damaged no matter what kind of terrain you choose to break your vehicle on. Your only limit is your imagination; trust us on this.


  • Designed to deliver speed and power in a neat little package
  • Easily suited to all age groups
  • Affords great control and maneuverability in tight corners and over high obstacles
  • Great value for money


  • Poor battery life. A battery and charger upgrade is highly recommended in order to increase efficiency and performance
  • Unable to withstand heavy and hard crashes

4. Traxxas RTR 1/10 Monster T-Maxx 3.3 4WD 

traxxas t-maxx review

If you are looking for the best RC monster truck, you need look no further than the Traxxas RTR 1/10 Monster T-Maxx 3.3 4WD 2.4GHz. This was the monster truck that opened all sorts of possibilities in terms of RC truck driving. The T-Maxx has earned its rightful place among the Ready-to-Race nitro monster trucks that dare to brave terrain that many other monster trucks would simply give up on the first try. There has been a great deal of evolution in the field of nitro racing, and the T-Maxx has continued to keep up with the times in a way that no other model or truck has, which is why we chose to include it in our list of the six best performing rtr trucks.

This particular model comes with a tougher backbone as compared not only to its competitors but also to its predecessors, and its performance truly leaves the competition far, far behind. It is a monster truck, and you can judge how "monster" it is just by looking at what is included in its core. A new T-Maxx RTR 3.3 truck, TRX 3.3 engine, EZ Start electric starter, docking base, and the list just keeps on growing with a new model introduced with each passing year.


  • Designed for speed and durability
  • Affords great control and maneuverability in tight corners and over high obstacles
  • Able to withstand heavy crashes


  • Caters only to advanced users. Beginners will find this particular level of power and efficiency a bit too hot to handle
  • Battery life is poor

5. Axial Racing RC 1/10 SCX10 Trail Honcho 

acial racing honcho review

This is the model you need to choose if what you are after is an unstoppable off-road adventure that you can truly customize to your heart's content. Enjoy an increased level of articulation thanks to the tapered rigid steel C-channel chassis, which adds a whole new touch of reality to your RC truck-driving adventure. You can program the AE-2 with different accessories (most of which are not included but sold separately and easily available) to add a whole new depth and level of interest to your driving experience and make the truck truly yours. The Honcho is designed for fuel economy, which means that you end up saving money while getting the most bang for your buck in the bargain. The compact transmission is adjustable and low-CG, which makes the Honcho all the easier to handle, while at the same time reducing skidding, slipping and sliding. A separate kit is also available which allows you to enhance the lighting and other cosmetic features of your car in order to truly enjoy your remote control truck driving experience that is designed to truly belong to you.


  • Wide variety of easily available accessories and spare parts make it seem like you are building your own car
  • Friction-free experience for reduced sliding, slipping and skidding
  • Looks can be easily enhanced or modified
  • Wheels can be enhanced in order to scale higher and more difficult obstacles


  • LED lights are prone to damage
  • Accessories including larger wheels need to be purchased separately
  • Shocks are prone to leakage
  • Plastic links are weak and require frequent upgrade

6. Redcat Racing Blackout XTE 1/10 Scale Electric Monster Truck 

redcat blackout review

Are you looking for an adventure that sets the adrenaline pumping in your system? Look no further than the Blackout XTE. This powerful piece of equipment comes with an extremely efficient electric motor equipped with a heat sink to reduce wear and tear on the battery to ensure that you spend more time playing and less time charging. The vehicle is one of the best rtr rc trucks, which means that you can sink your teeth right into the experience and get yourself going from the minute you open your box. Navigate the toughest obstacles with the traction afforded by the compact and sleek shaft-driven 4WD that gives you everything you need to maneuver every tight spot.


  • Body and design can easily be customized according to your tastes and preferences
  • Spare/replacement parts and accessories are easily available at very low prices
  • Very attractive chassis
  • Waterproof and shockproof electronics make it possible to scale any kind of terrain


  • Vehicle does not offer optimum performance on gravel
  • Battery charger has poor life and needs to be replaced frequently

If you want to check out a land cruiser you can check out our Tamiya CR01 Review here.

What you need to consider before buying your first Remote Control Truck

Buying an RC vehicle can be very exciting, but it is not an easy decision if you have no idea how to even begin. Many of the advanced models that are available have suspension systems like a real-life car. There are so many different kinds of RC vehicles that a complete novice is bound to feel a bit overwhelmed. Check out our rc rock crawlers page if you're interested in a unique type of rc monster truck.Fortunately, here's a handy guide to help you figure things out if you have no idea what you are doing.

How will you power your vehicle?

The first and most important thing you need to look at is whether you are looking for a nitro car or an electric one. Nitro cars are more powerful which, of course, means that they are faster, but they also tend to require a great deal of tuning and maintenance.

On the other hand, electric cars may not be as fast, but they do not require a great deal of maintenance, making them ideal for beginners.

If you feel you're more suited for rc cars then check out the best rc cars under 100.​

How much money are you willing to spend on your RC truck?

On the surface, an electric RC truck requires a smaller initial outlay as compared to a comparable nitro model. However, it also tends to have a lower battery life, which means that you will need to spend on additional battery packs and other accessories and it will ultimately end up costing you the same as a nitro car.

The amount of money you spend on your RC depends on factors such as the model, the kind of batteries and how often you end up using the truck. See the top chargers for your lipo batteries.

How much time, energy and effort are you willing to put in?

Nitro vehicles in general require more maintenance than electric RC vehicles, and you will need to put in considerable time and effort in keeping the engine up to speed to ensure maximum performance and longer life of your vehicle. In addition, you will need to care for the battery packs and chargers to ensure that you get the most efficient performance.

Nitro cars also demand considerable effort in tuning, fueling and generally maintaining the engine as compared to electric trucks. In comparison, electric RC vehicles can be kept in top condition simply through the proper storage of the battery packs. We strongly advise you to read the manufacturer's instructions very carefully to ensure that you get the most out of your RC truck or other vehicles.

Do you require one that is pre-assembled?

After you've decided between either an electric rc truck or a nitro one, you need to choose between a pre-assembled car and a car that you will build from scratch. This is where your interest and engineering acumen come into the picture. A pre-assembled car is great for those who want to jump in, but a car that is built from scratch will give you a better understanding of how everything works. The transmitter you choose also makes a difference. Learn more about remote control transmitters here.

What kind of terrain will you be driving the truck on?

If you are planning on racing, it would be best to invest in an on-road RC, a lighter vehicle which is designed for maximum possible speed. If rugged terrains are more your thing, look into an off-road RC. The type of tires you use play a huge factor into it. We do have an rc rock crawler tire guide you can check out. 

How easily is the fuel available where you live?

Electric cars run on battery packs, and you don't have to worry about the kind of fuel available where you live. However, nitro cars run on various kinds of fuels depending on the kind and size of the engine involved, and you have to carefully consider what kind of fuel is more easily available for you before you decide to splurge.

Read the manufacturer's specifications very closely to determine the kind of fuel you need and follow this up with a quick survey in your region to figure out what is available easily and how much it will cost you. It is generally not a good idea to fork out money on a vehicle you won't be able to use simply because you can't find the fuel or it is proving to be too expensive for you to run.

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G Bo - September 24, 2017

You said the number one truck; the Redcat Volcano EPX’s con: that it does not come with a charger and must be purchased separate.

***This does actually come with a battery and charger for the vehicle, but needs battery’s for the controller only.
Rechargeable Battery and Charger Included
NIMH Battery and NIMH Charger included. (Qty 8 AA batteries for Remote Control Not Included).

Gareth Otwell - December 26, 2017

Thank you for the reviews. I would include to your list Traxxas XO-1 AWD supercar since you have other Traxxas RC cars in your list. It is a bit pricey thought, but can reach speed of the 100 mph and thrust of 1 to 60 in 2.3 seconds only. Very impressive!


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