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Best Educational Robot Kits 2017

Education is a priority for pretty much every parent, but the fact of the matter is that our vastly-evolving technological landscape means that there are a lot of new and improved ways to help your kids with the learning process and one of those is using educational robots.

Educational robot kits are part of the new wave of technology that is coming out that is intended to help kids learn as much as possible, thereby enabling them to grow into intelligent and well-adjusted adults. 

Wether you want your kid to start learning to program or learning about electronics the following choices will be excellent to develop their growth. Let's check out the best educational robotic kit you can get. ​

Best Educational Robot List

Kubo Educational Robot

kubo educational robot

This robot requires no setting up and is simply turned on by attaching the interchangeable head to the body. This makes it very easy for both children and adults to get started with it.

KUBO’s programming language, called Tagtiles, uses colored tiles to let children explore programming concepts in a tangible way, starting at the suggested age of three. By playing with KUBO, children develop key 21st century skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, while also gaining a fluency in technology that will serve them their entire lives.

One of the benefits of this product is that it’s designed to introduce coding to children as young as 3 years old. The Kubo robot utilizes the way young children learn best, by being a tangible and completely screenless solution that will teach your child how to learn through trial and error.

In addition to teaching children about programming, this robot can also be used in other subjects such as language and math, by changing the head. It allows your child to learn with robots as well as learning about robots.

KIBO Educational Robot

KIBO is a spectacular choice for young children looking to get their creative skills rolling. It's mainly designed for children 4 to 7 and it's used in schools primarily in kindergarten. Unlike most other robots that use a screen or require a tablet or some other electrical device for programing, KIBO uses strings of wooden blocks as instructions which allow it to be responsive with it's surroundings.

There are so many things that a child can do with KIBO. It can be turned into a story character, a dancer, or a car it has no bounds. It's very easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to it's child friendly design. As you can see in the video up above you can also decorate the robot. Wether you're child is a future engineer, artist or programmer you can be assured that they will enjoy it.

It's backed by years of research and it's been tested with hundreds of students so you can be assured that you're making a great investment in you're kids education.

Makeblock DIY Starter Robot Kit

Makeblock DIY Starter

This product can help your child get in touch with their wilder side by enabling them to understand the importance of robotics in the context of construction. Your child would be able to turn the assorted parts provided in this robot into a vehicle or even a tank. 

This is going to go over really well with some of the more boisterous children out there. The great thing is that your children are going to have to work hard if they want the satisfaction of owning a proper robot, teaching them the importance of hard work.

Your child is also going to get a good idea of how electronics work with this product. This benefit, along with the construction and programming aspects of using the product, will allow your child to learn the three major branches of robotics, thereby enabling them to understand the basic idea of what robotics actually is.

This is going to help them adjust to a future where robots are going to be commonplace, which is an important aspect of growth that a lot of parents misjudge the importance of. All in all, this is a very solid educational robotics kit for your child.

Sphero SPRK+ Robot Ball

Sphero SPRK

This robot is basically a ball that contains programmable hardware. There is no setup, so your child would not have to worry about going through the annoying aspect of the robot building process. Instead, they would be able to get right to programming and start learning the various ways in which they can make this little ball move around.

The batteries provided are pretty solid and allow up to sixty minutes of constant movement. A pleasant surprise that you are going to receive has to do with the fact that this product moves pretty quickly. It can move at speeds of up to four miles an hour, which is pretty nippy yet not so fast that people in your house might end up getting injured.

The best thing about this product is the price at which it is offered. Robots can be pretty expensive, so if you don't have an enormous budget, this product can help you get your kid on the path to learning about programming and robotics without having to break your bank. The durability of this robot also ensures that once you have bought it, your kid is going to enjoy some long and enjoyable learning sessions even if they play rough.

11 in 1 Programmable Robot Kit

11 in 1 Robot Kit

This is a great robotics kit for children who have no experience. Just because your child has not already started does not mean it's too late! Your child can simply use this kit and start the learning process with a bang. The main benefit of using this product has to do with how simple the design interface is, thus enabling you to make the most of your child's overall robotics experience. The product tends to have a very short learning curve as well because of the benefits provided by this kit.

Apart from programming, however, the thing that makes this product so great has to do with how it can help your child unleash their creativity by building this robot in whatever way they choose. This will help your child discover their individuality, which can often be quite difficult to do in a world that is becoming more and more anonymous.

Overall, this is perhaps the best product to help kids start off with their robotics learning, allowing them to learn the basics of coding without having to deal with anything overly complicated. Products like this can really help your child develop their mental faculties, even if they don't get into robotics in the future.

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Wonder Workshop Dash

When it comes to teaching your kids certain basic things, a robot playmate can be your best bet. This product has been created for this reason. It is interactive and enjoyable and, more than that, it teaches your kid how to code in a way that has real-world importance since your children are going to be learning this craft in a manner that is extremely practical.

Encased in a friendly-looking plastic casing, this product looks almost like a Disney character which is certainly going to help a kid relate to it a great deal. Hence, it enables you to leave your child with it and know that while they are having fun, they are learning an extremely important skill that would help them later on in life as well.

Additionally, this product does not require any assembly, and neither would it require any additional batteries, which make it the perfect option for people looking for convenience above all else.

Ozobot 2.0 Bit

Ozobot 2.0 Bit

The key to making children learn is making learning a bridge to doing something fun. The basic philosophy of this robot is that your kids would be able to program it to do fun things like dance around, so you are providing your children with a reward-based learning system in a way. In order to get the robot to do funny things, they are going to have to get as good at coding as possible, which is the primary reason why this product is so effective at teaching your kids how to code.

An added advantage of this product is the fact that it is extremely compact. At just an inch in size, taking this robot around with you while you are traveling will be extremely easy, and it would enable you to provide your child with a source of entertainment that would help them learn a thing or two no matter where you are.

Once your child gets better at coding, they would be able to invent their own games by using this robot, thereby making it great for long-term use rather than something that your child would get bored of after just a short while.



The great thing about this product is that it deals with the hardware aspect of training as well as the software aspect. Your child would have to build the robot before they can start programming it, which is going to have quite an extreme impact on the level of enjoyment they receive after you buy this robot for them.

You can make it a family activity as well by joining in on the fun. Assembling this product might just be a little too challenging for certain younger kids, so by getting this product, you would be able to enjoy some quality time with your child rather than just giving them something to play with and leaving them alone with it.

The unique aspect of this robot is that you can design it in a multitude of ways. This means that your child would be able to bring its own individuality into the design that they create, and you can share this design as well and show off just how talented your kid is. As for the programming aspect of it, once your kid is done programming, the robot it will be able to perform a number of different tasks.

WowWee - Coder MiP

WowWee - Coder MiP

This product helps your kids start small with their coding. The product comes with an app which you can download at no extra charge once you receive the robot and activate it.

By using the app, your kids would be able to learn how to program the robot to do simple things like moving around. It also comes with a tray that the robot would be holding, and your child's challenge would be to help it move around without dropping anything.

The programming process for this robot is quite simple, but it slowly gets more and more challenging as time goes on. Your child would have to make if and then statements which would help the robot move more efficiently, thereby providing you with an extremely useful way to get your child into coding - an extremely useful skill today.

While this product may not provide a long-term solution for your child's learning process, it is important to note that the product has been created in order to give young children a head start. Using this robot will help your child learn a lot about programming which would help them greatly later on in life.

WowWee COJI 


One of the best things about this product is that it incorporates emoji into its programming interface. This is a unique feature that you are not going to find every day, and it ends up making the product an extremely useful aspect of your everyday training routine for your child.

Through the use of emoji, your child would be able to program the robot to do a variety of things, and the games included within this product would help make learning as enjoyable as it can possibly be.

One benefit of getting this product has to do with its durability. There are a lot of products out there that are simply not all that durable, which means that you are not going to be able to use them for the long term.

Kids are rowdy by nature, which means that more often than not, they are going to end up breaking the robot that you buy them, which would force you to buy a new one time and time again. The best thing about this product is that it can take a fair bit of rough treatment before it breaks, making it the perfect cost-effective option for you and your children.

Makeblock mBot Kit

Makeblock mBot Kit

This product comes disassembled with thirty-eight parts. Your kid would be able to assemble the robot in a very short period of time, creating a fully functioning robot in just ten minutes! Once the robot has been assembled, the process of programming it would begin and it is this process that would provide your child with no small amount of joy.

The graphical interface of the programming app within the robot is extremely easy to use, and it can help familiarize your child with the concept of programming. This is going to be very useful later on because your child is going to end up learning a great deal about how programming works and would be able to apply this knowledge when they get older and start to learn coding and programming for their career.

The design of this robot is very cute as well, providing endless enjoyment for your child and allowing you to become the favorite parent! Additionally, there is no one way to build this robot. Your child can use as many parts as they need in order to build the perfect robot that would be a good example of how their imagination works.

Makeblock DIY mBot Ranger

Makeblock DIY mBot Ranger

The vehicular nature of this robot makes it a great option if you want your kids to learn a thing or two about how programming can be used in the real world. While this product is certainly not for younger kids as it is going to be too difficult for them to manage, for older kids, it can be a great introduction to engineering and can help them learn the fundamentals of how this industry works. If your child gets a head start by using this product, you can rest assured that they are probably going to get into engineering without all that much difficulty.

As far as programming is concerned, the main benefit that this product provides is the fact that you can program it using pretty much any device. Even if your child does not like using a laptop, they can simply program it using a tablet.

The reason this is so important is that this product has been created using a unique design and tablets are going to play a major role in programming in the future. This fact makes it essential for you to buy this robot for your child and get them familiarized with the way programming could be done most commonly in the future.

There are a number of different things that you should be looking for when it comes to robots that are intended to train your children and teach them programming. The most important things to keep in mind are as follows:

Ease of Use - You need to make sure that the robot you get is not too difficult to use or else your child is going to end up getting confused, which would impede their growth and rate of learning. Conversely, try not to get something too easy either.

Price - There is no need to go for ridiculously expensive robots. You can get some pretty solid results from robots that have more reasonable prices and often, the more expensive robots don't provide as much substance as robots that are in a more budget-friendly category. However, don't go for the cheapest robots either, as these products would not provide all that much functionality and would break easily.

Durability - You are spending money on these robotic kits, so you need to make sure you are buying something that would be able to take a significant amount of rough treatment since children often break things without realizing it. Durable products tend to cost more money than fragile ones, but if you buy something durable, you will save a lot more money in the long run.

Programmability - The most important aspect of getting a robot is ensuring that you get something that can be programmed to a high level of customizability. When your kid learns how to program a robot, they would want to move on to a higher level of difficulty as soon as possible. You should get a robot that would give your child this incremental learning process so that they can enjoy a much more satisfactory experience.

Well that it for the list of some of the top educational robots in 2017. Wether you're looking to get started in it or wether you're looking to buy it for you're kid all of these will be excellent choices. Let us know what you think down below.

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