RC Helicopter Won’t Charge: Typical Charging Problems

A question I often get asked is. Why won't my rc helicopter charge?

Here I discuss the typical rc helicopter charging problems and hopefully help you avoid them before they happen. 

1. It's most likely the batteries

Nearly 90% of the time if you aren't able to charge your helicopter it's the batteries. First what type of batteries are you using? If you're using AA then there lies the problem. They have a very low power limitation. 

I highly recommend everyone to get lipo batteries. First of course you need to check wether you're remote control toy accepts them or not. 

2. Be aware of the voltage

Now if you are using lipo batteries than always check the voltage pre flight. The life of a lipo battery can depend on the voltage, and having the incorrect voltage can destroy your batteries and cause the remote control helicopter not to charge.

2 Cell Lipo Battery - Don't go below 6.6

3 Cell Lipo Battery - Don't go below 9.9​

To prevent your helicopter from going underneath the voltage then time your flights. Figure out how much time you can keep you're helicopter in the air till the voltage get's dangerously low. Some helicopters even have a red button that starts beeping or flashing when it starts to get low so that can save you. 

3. Overcharged Batteries

There is a high possibility that you overcharged your batteries especially if you're not as experienced with charging. Over charging can be just as bad as under charging. Luckily now a days most batteries have protection against this built into them known as (OCP circuits). Now not every lipo battery has this and there is always the change of it failing so be very careful. 

I would start getting yourself used to remembering to unplug the charger once the battery reaches 100 percent.

4. Have you exposed your heli to water?

Another common problem. This usually happens if you're helicopter accidentally fell into the water (been there done that, happens to the best of us). Or you might have also spilled something on it. 

Water damage can be a huge reason for the batteries to stop functioning. Luckily manufactures have taken this into account and found ways to prevent water damage. Again this doesn't always work so do be worry if you are flying in a place where there is a possibility your copter might fall. ​

5. What if it's not the batteries?

Then let's take a look at how you are charging. There is 3 ways you can charge an rc helicopter. 

  • Charging via controller
  • Charging via cable
  • Charging by ac adapter

Try charging all 3 ways if possible. If one way works and the other one doesn't then your problem might be the way your charging it. 

Hopefully this guide helped you understand why you're remote control helicopter isn't charging. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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