Air Swimmers Review 2017

Air Swimmers float in the air with unbelievably monotonous and natural movement. The Air Swimmers are huge helium balloons that are controlled by a remote. The tail fins are remote controlled and make these swimmers float in the air just like fish do in water. You can even use the remote to raise or lower the swimmers when they are in the air. They are not like RC blimps that look artificial and don't possess life-like motions.

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The Air Swimmers require 1.5 volts and AAA batteries that are attached to the body and the controller. The batteries power the motor which is attached to the plastic pod. The rc controller has infrared inception to control the navigation and speed of the swimmer. The controller allows you to move the swimmers up and down and rotate them. These floating fish need some assembly and a helium tank, so parents should assist in the setup. You can easily go to any store or shop to fill the balloon with helium. There is a one-way valve provided for filling and emptying the swimmer with helium.

Air Swimmers are available in different styles, and you can choose between any of the four styles: Flying Clownfish, Flying Bass, Flying Shark, and Angry Birds. All these swimmers have the same functionality and performance but have a different appearance.

Best Air Swimmer Reviews

Air Swimmer RC Flying Shark

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark

The Flying Shark is the most famous among the Air Swimmers and was purchased massively soon after its introduction. The shark body is made up of durable nylon material that holds helium for long periods. The shark moves like a real one with realistic movements that can easily surprise anyone. You can use the remote control to make it swim from room to room; it can even swim smoothly on beaches.

Air Swimmer RC Flying Clownfish

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish

The Flying Clownfish (aka Nemo) is children's favorite Air Swimmer. It has a compact size, amazing quality, and vibrant color, which made it popular among children. The clownfish remains inflated for weeks and can be refilled with helium if it looks a bit less buoyant. You can easily control the clownfish from a maximum distance of 40 feet. It can move forward and backward and rotate 360 degrees.

Air Swimmer RC Flying Bass

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Bass

The Flying Bass provides hours of indoor fun and requires only AAA batteries for this. It can be deflated and used as many times as you want as it is durable enough and won't burst. The remote control will allow you to steer the bass in any direction, and no one would be able to point out the difference between a real one and this Air Swimmer.

Air Swimmer RC Angry Birds

Air Swimmers Remote Control Angry Birds

The Air Swimmers Angry Bird is 38 cm long and is cute enough to entertain your children for hours. It has a swishing tail, and it glides smoothly in the air. You can make it fly left/right and up/down using the remote control provided with it. The Angry Bird will remain inflated for weeks and if you feel it less buoyant, you can use the putty.

Huge Size - It is large enough with approximate dimensions of 57" x 36" x 24". These are not average balloons as they are too large and equipped with a motor and infrared technology. If you want to visualize, think of a 5 ft. huge balloon floating in the air. In spite of its large size, it can be easily and smoothly controlled.

Easy Operation - The Air Swimmer has a two-button remote that controls the tail movement and height of the swimmer. To propel the fish, use the remote control and move the tail right and left. If you want to perform quick turns, keep on holding the button to one side. If you want to move the Air Swimmer up or down, press the 'Climb' or 'Dive' buttons.

Natural Looking Movements - The large tail fin of the swimmer is controlled by the remote, and it wags when you press the button. You'll be surprised at how much the tail movement mimics the natural movement of a fish.

Easy Storage - If you want to store the Air Swimmer somewhere or take it to some other place, just deflate it and keep it for later use. You can refill it easily anytime as helium is very inexpensive and can be found at various stores.

Good infrared range - These airships are for indoor use and have an infrared range of 40 feet. If you have a large house, you'll love making the Air Swimmer float around like a real fish.

Easy Hacks To Mantain Performance - As we know that helium gas readily escapes the balloon, the manufacturers have made a small compartment in the remote control to store putty. Use this putty from the remote control to maintain the buoyancy. It also has a small clip so that you can hang the remote control with a clip to the Air Swimmer when not in use.

About William Mark Corporation

Air Swimmers became one of the most popular toys in the US when it was first introduced in 2011 by the William Mark Corporation. This flying toy became the hottest and most hyped one, in spite of the fact that the company didn't do anything to advertise it.

The William Mark Corporation is named after the father and son duo, where William is the father's name and Mark Forti is his son. However, the inventor of this hot toy is Blake English, who is a young engineer from Stanford. Blake English got the idea of inventing this hot toy when he visited an aquarium. He felt that the sharks were gliding smoothly in the water as if they were flying in the air, so he came up with the idea of designing a shark which could float outside the aquarium. Blake then met Mark Forti, the CEO of William Mark Corporation, and Mark hired him for his toy company. The Air Swimmers then got so famous that they were featured on different channels and mediums around the world.

Air Swimmers are one of the hottest toys on the market and are loved by children and adults alike. They are still featured on YouTube, and people love purchasing them and surprising their loved ones with these incredible toys. The William Mark Corporation introduced other toys as well such as the Flitter Fairies, My Mystery UFO, and Feisty toys. This company has been featured on BBC too and has won many Best Toy of the Year Awards around the world. If you love thrill and adventure, you can buy these Air Swimmers and pull some practical jokes on your family and friends. Hope you enjoyed our air swimmers review. 

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