Best Drone For Fishing 2017: Reviews Guide

Technology is impacting everything these days, and fishing is no exception. There are a number of new ways to fish that take advantage of tech in a way that would have been inconceivable just a decade ago. A great example of this is using fishing drones. These are specificly created drones for fishing can provide great entertainment.

Finding the best drone for fishing is going to be difficult if you do not know what to look for, but the list provided below is going to tell you the top fishing drones out there and things to look out for.

Best Drone For Fishing Reviews

AguaDrone - Best Fishing Drone

One of the most significant features of this drone has to do with the fact that it is water resistant and corrosion resistant. Salt, water, and air do not do any damage to this product at all, which is an enormous benefit when you consider the amount of salt that is going to be around this device at all times.

What this means is that you would be able to land it on the water and take a survey of your surroundings based on its angle. Getting into the water can often be very dangerous if you are not extremely careful, so using this drone provides a unique benefit that anyone would be able to appreciate. To top it off, even if the waters are safe or if you are bold enough to enter the waters on your own in spite of any dangers that it might pose, the drone is just going to do the job better than you can.

aguadrone fishing drone

In addition to the water resistance and its ability to float on water and provide you with a clear picture of the area where you are going to be fishing, this drone allows you to rest easy while using it because of its immense durability. Salt in the water and air are not the only things that can cause harm; stormy weather and rough winds can also pose a major risk. This drone provides an enormous advantage in that it enables you to fish with ease even in stormy weather, and the wind-resistant design is sleek enough to allow you to bring the drone home in case the weather gets a little too rough for it to be able to handle. Therefore, even if the weather is not suitable for you to go fishing in person, you can still fish with this drone.

Durability aside, this drone provides some unique functionality. Rather than being standard with a single function, what you have here is a multipurpose drone that can be used in a variety of ways. There are a number of accessories that you can attach to it, including fishing lines along cameras. This makes it so that you can use this drone for all situations. You can survey the water around your boat and you can also use the fishing line accessory to send the drone back out to actually catch the fish that it has shown you a picture of.

Functionality is further improved by this drone's ability to break apart into several smaller drones. Essentially, what this company has managed to do is provide a drone that can work simultaneously on a number of different projects. 


  • Corrison Resistant
  • Made specifically for fishing
  • Can carry up to two pounds of load
  • Parts are easily removable


  • New drone so it doesn't have a big community of users yet

These benefits are further amplified when you see just how powerful this drone is. You would be able to carry up to two pounds of load with this device, which would allow you to bring in some truly spectacular hauls. Maneuverability is not harmed in any way while you use this product to bring in a load because it has sensors and weights attached to help balance it in case you need it to remain stable while you are bringing in a catch.

Overall, the AguaDrone is a device that has specifically been made for the passionate fisher who wants to expand his horizons and start catching some of the big fish in the sea. Its combination of durability and functionality provides benefits that many drones would be hard put to match. To top it all off, you get this product at a pretty reasonable price as well. When you take into account the various functions provided, the affordable price makes this product a real steal that you will love to use time and time again!

Splash Drone Mariner II 

Splash Drone Mariner II drone for fishing

Finding a drone that is light enough to allow you to use it to its full potential is a rather difficult thing to do. Most drones are built for power and are designed to allow you to carry as much weight as possible in spite of the fact that sometimes, it is a lot more important for you to have a light drone that can travel distances at a great speed.

The main benefit of this drone is that it is made of lightweight materials that offer a lot of aerodynamic capabilities along with allowing you to fly it at a high speed over long distances. The four propellers are made of carbon fiber which is highly durable and provides you with the benefit of being very light. Hence, the propellers offer you unparalleled functionality along with the ability to maneuver a great deal.

Maneuverability is very important when it comes to drones because it can mean the difference between salvation and destruction in case of a storm. One major problem with lightweight drones is that they tend to offer very little in terms of overall wind resistance. The lightweight material can easily be blown off course, which is very dangerous if you are looking to save your drone in a stormy weather. However, the propellers have been made to such a high standard that they can keep the drone afloat even if the winds get too strong.

With the live feed this drone offers, you will be able to see what the drone is seeing without having to wait for a return trip. This is also useful in situations where you might want to save the drone in emergencies. An added advantage is that it allows you to survey your surroundings and spot bad weather before it gets to you. This is the sort of thing that can save lives because you would be able to see the storm coming from far away and get out of the bad situation before it ends up causing your property any damage.

Perhaps the most important thing about this drone is the price point at which it is offered. Not everybody can afford a very expensive drone, and some people will need something a little more affordable. This drone is, thus, the best budget fishing drone that the market has to offer. The added features makes it one of the top contenders for drones for fishing. 

PowerRay Fish Finder - Underwater Fishing Drone

If there is one thing that the drone industry needs as far as fishing models are concerned, it is the ability to enter the water. The problem here is that most drones have been designed to provide you with an aerial survey of the ocean rather than actually showing you what lies beneath. This can be a bother because you might want to get a visual of the depth of the fishing location that you have chosen and you also want to see the entire gamut of potential catches that you need to be preparing for.

The PowerRay Fish Finder is excellent for people who are looking for a submersible drone that can provide the same benefits underwater that other drones would be able to provide in the air. The main benefit that this drone provides is that it is water resistant, so you can rest assured that the wiring is not going to be impacted even if you are underwater for an extended period.

One major benefit of this drone is that it comes preinstalled with an LED light. Underwater conditions can be quite dark, so if you do not have a light source, you might not be able to see as much as you want. Nighttime scouting also becomes impossible, which can take away from your experience because night is a great time to fish and get an enormous catch. The LED light source can allow you to see several feet ahead of you, so nighttime scouting is not going to be a problem.

You are also going to be able to submerge the drone deep into the ocean to see what fish are available at these previously untapped depths. Hence, you can catch fish from depths that most drones would not allow you to.


  • One of the very few drones which can go underwater
  • Have the ability to see the fish you want to go after
  • Can handle high water pressure
  • Built in camera provides high quality HD live stream


  • Not out yet

The depth that this drone can go is really quite impressive. This is possible thanks to the pressure-tight casing that this drone has. Deep ocean conditions can destroy even the sturdiest of drones simply because the water pressure at this depth is far too high to allow them to function properly. The amazing thing is that this drone is not just durable enough to handle high water pressure deep in the ocean, but the functionality remains optimum as well. This can really help you have the best experience possible while searching for fish that are deeper in the ocean than most people tend to go.

The built-in camera is also very impressive. It provides a crystal-clear result that is pretty astounding when you take into account the fact that the camera has been built to withstand pressure, so some of the more delicate parts involved in creating high-quality, high-resolution pictures are not even present within this drone. Video capture is also possible, which is great because you can use the drone to scout the waters at night and show you a video of all that it has seen in the morning.

Overall, this drone provides a unique benefit that very few others manage to provide. Fish are captured from beneath the sea, so a drone that does not actually enter the water won't do as much as you need it to do and its benefits would be quite limited. The PowerRay is definitely a contender for the top spot when it comes to fishing drones in general, and it is well worth the rather hefty price that you would have to pay in order to purchase it.


The material that it's is made of is one of the factors that make it such a treat to use. Materials that are this powerful can be a little heavy, but this product has been made with a combination of carbon fiber as well as other materials. The carbon fiber skeleton has been covered with fiberglass, a strong and light material that protects this drone from the ravages of saltwater.

Often, durability comes at the cost of speed and it can make your drone too heavy to function with a long battery life. However, the material that this drone has been made of is not just durable but extremely light as well. Hence, no matter how much functionality you try to get out of this device, you will not be sacrificing speed for it at all, which is something that you are going to love if you want optimum efficiency over all else.

One thing that this drone is going to provide that a lot of other drones seem to fail at is style. Looks are important too if you want to make an impression, and this drone provides some amazing aesthetics thanks to the paint job that has been applied to the carbon fiber body. The problem that a lot of drones face with looks is that the paint starts to peel if you use the drone for too long because salt tends to do that. However, this drone has been specially designed and painted using a special pigment that does not peel when it is subjected to saltwater or air that has a significant mineral content within it.

All of that being said, the main reason that you would be interested in buying a fishing drone is the functional elements that it can offer. It is safe to say that this drone provides some pretty incredible functionality. You can operate the device using an Android app that you can download without paying any extra charges, which makes using this drone far more convenient than if you would have had to buy expensive equipment.

The lack of equipment and app functionality make this drone very useful for people who want convenience and simplicity above all else. After all, if you are trying to buy a drone, you essentially want to make life easier for yourself, and not having the right tools to use your newly purchased product can be a hassle that many would be a pain to deal with. Ease of use is essential to the provision of a high-quality product, so this drone certainly gets full marks in this regard along with everything else that has been mentioned before.


  • Long battery life
  • Paint can withstand saltwater 
  • Made to withstand rough environments
  • Safety release line


  • Must contact them in order to buy, ships from NZ. 

Perhaps, one of the best qualities of this drone is the battery which can enable you to take it on some long journeys where you would see the lay of the ocean around you. Battery life is a huge problem in a number of drones that are offered simply because most drones do not have enough battery life to allow you to get the maximum survey time possible. The 8000 milliampere battery of this product, on the other hand, has been specially designed for long voyages. Granted it does add a little bit of weight to the product overall, but if you keep in mind the fact that the body of this drone is already so light, it makes up for the weight that the battery adds, especially if you consider that the flight time you are getting is phenomenal.

All in all, this drone is great for people who want endurance above all else. You are going to get a solid, durable product with stellar flight times when you buy, which would enable you to survey the ocean with ease and find out where all of the best fish are hiding. This is important because a lot of drones favor power over speed because they assume that fish need to be caught using it. If you are one of the many people who need to use their drone for scouting rather than actually fishing, this product provides a number of benefits that you are absolutely going to love.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional 

dji phantom 3

Video quality is a rather serious problem when it comes to drones. If you do not have a drone that has the optimum video quality possible, you will be hard pressed to get the best possible result. This is because these drones will provide pictures that would leave out important details that would be quite essential to your overall understanding of the water surrounding your boat. Buying such a drone would be completely useless for you.

One of the major benefits of this product is that it provides you with a 4K camera. This camera can take stunning pictures and videos of your surroundings that would show you in detail everything that you can catch in those particular waters. The 4K camera is a particularly useful trait when you consider the depth to which it can capture pictures and videos.

You will be able to see several feet into the water thanks to the high-resolution and advanced technology that the camera of this drone possesses. This is very useful because looking under the water is the best way to obtain a clear image of what you can catch when you set out to fish. The best fish are always a little deeper in the water than you can see, and this drone provides you the opportunity of seeing where they are, thereby helping you catch them.


  • High quality camera allows you to see several feet in the water
  • Long flight time and speed
  • Ability to carry a heavy load
  • Huge community of users


  • Bulky to carry around

Another great thing about this product is the fact that it has been designed for speed. You would be able to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, which can show you a wide radius of your surrounding ocean. With the stellar battery life that this product offers, obtaining the best possible result while fishing is going to be a breeze. The combination of a long flight time and fast speeds can help you cover a lot of ground in a very short period of time, fifteen miles to be exact, which is essential if you truly want to fish to your fullest potential.

This product can be used through an app that is available for all smartphone operating systems. This app makes this drone easy to use, reducing costs because you would not have to spend extra on expensive monitoring equipment that is entirely unnecessary in this modern day and age. Live video feeds are also provided, which can help you scan the waters around your boat in real time rather than having to wait for the drone to return with the footage.



An extremely important benefit that this drone provides is the long flight time. The average flight time for a drone is about eighteen minutes, which is adequate but not nearly enough for people who want longer surveys of their surroundings. When you use this drone, you are going to get the advantage of twenty-five minutes of flight time. Those seven extra minutes can be very useful in a lot of situations because they can allow you to vastly improve the efficiency with which you survey your surroundings.

The battery for this drone is not just long lasting, but it is a smart battery as well. What this means is that you have the option of using it to conserve battery life. For example, the battery turns off unnecessary processes while your drone is hovering. This can really extend your flight time. Essentially, twenty-five minutes are what you get when it comes to actual flying, but if your flight involves a lot of hovering, you can fly for up to forty whole minutes. That's incredible, isn't it?

Speed is also an advantage when it comes to this drone. You can get up to half a mile of distance in about ten minutes, which is more than enough to give you a wide area in which you can fish to your heart's content. The GPS tracker is also useful; it is slightly low tech, but this is preferable in a lot of different situations such as if your drone needs to use less battery in order to maximize flight time.

If you want a live feed of what your drone is seeing, that is possible as well. This drone has some pretty incredible range; you can get a solid video feed for up to 700 meters away from your boat, so you can get the maximum visuals possible when it comes to the flight time that this drone is able to attain. This video feed along with the rest of the functionality that this drone has to offer can be accessed through an easy-to-use app, which is perfect if you don't want to complicate your fishing experience.

Overall, this drone is a great choice for people who love to fish for fun. It is affordable, functional, and very efficient thanks to its impressive battery, along with the speed that comes with it in spite of the heavy battery included.

GARLUS Splash Drone (Mariner 2) 

GARLUS Splash Drone (Mariner 2)

The first thing that you need to realize about this drone is that it offers a benefit that very few other drones will be able to match. You have drones that can provide aerial views and drones that can go underwater, but the rarest of all drones is one that can actually do both. This drone fits in the latter category; it is an amphibious drone that can provide aerial footage and even go under the water to provide you with a perspective from there.

The solid design and construction means that you would not have to worry about it getting damaged while it is under water making it one of the top fishing drones on the market. In fact, this drone can survive being under water for a very long time thanks to the carbon fiber casing that is both watertight as well as resistant to the levels of salt within the ocean. Corrosion is a very real issue when it comes to usage because water from the ocean can seriously damage metals through rust. Hence, the fact that you have an amphibious drone that offers underwater functionality with durability is something that should make you want to buy this drone as soon as possible.

Essentially, this drone is all about functionality in both areas of fishing. The amazing thing is that you are not going to have to worry about affordability either. Most of the time, if you are thinking of buying one that might provide a high degree of functionality, you would be prepared to pay a huge sum of money and this is why a lot of people don't go for such drones. On the other hand, it has been priced at a range that pretty much anyone would be able to afford.

The fact that it is durable also makes it extremely long lasting, which is very important when you consider the expenses that might be incurred when you use it a lot. If your drone is the kind of device that would break down easily, the chances are that you would not be able to save a lot of money as repairs and constant rebuys would end up taking a huge chunk out of your savings. The low price point of this device along with the extended durability that it offers is the sort of thing that would help you save a great deal of money in the long run.

Autel Robotics X-Star

Autel Robotics X-Star

High-quality video, incredible detail, and a powerful memory are all of the things that you are going to get with this amazing product. You should keep in mind that this is not a drone for someone who just wants to try out drone fishing. This product is for hardcore enthusiasts who would love the chance to properly get into the scene with a bang.

You get an incredible amount of range with this product thanks to the long battery life and the high speed at which it travels. You can also get a long range when it comes to video feed as well. The live feed that you are getting from this product is also quite a bonus. You can survey the ocean around your boat for well over a mile, 1.2 miles to be exact, thus allowing you to get a good understanding of your surroundings instead of being clueless about what lies ahead. This is very useful when it comes to bad weather, as you would be able to see this danger a mile off and get to safety quicker.

Another thing that you are going to get when you use this drone is accuracy. It has the sort of accuracy that would allow you to zero in on a specific point and go there directly. This is provided by the incredible GPS system that comes built into this drone. With this GPS system, you would be able to get the exact coordinates of where you found certain types of fish. The benefit of this is that you would not have to send your drone out for a survey every time you want to return to a specific spot. Instead, you would be able to save the location and return there yourself, thereby saving yourself a great deal of time as well as the battery life.

Durability, power, speed and battery life - this product really does have it all. If there were a single contender for the best product possible when it comes to fishing drones, this product would definitely be it. If you are prepared to spend a little extra on getting the absolute best fishing drone that the market has to offer, you should really go for this one. In our experience, there really is no other one on the market that can beat it.

Fishing with drones is an incredible experience, but there is a certain level of expertise required in order to get the best result. See this drone fishing video:

Here are some major tips to keep in mind:


One major tip that you need to keep in mind is that your attachment, whether it is a camera or a fishing line, needs to be centered. If it is not centered, it will end up throwing your drone off balance which can cause it some serious damage and might even send it toppling into the water. Remember that your accessory has weight and if the weight is heavier on one side, controlling your drone might end up being an enormous hassle that would be impossible for you to deal with.


Another thing that you should remember is that risks are often unnecessary. If there is a storm or heavy wind, just bring it back. There is no need to try and be an expert when you can just play it safe. It is better to be a little extra careful than to lose it. Hence, by utilizing a cautious approach, you can greatly amplify the chances that your drone is going to last as long as possible.


A final tip is that you should be smart while using your drone. Keep in mind everything that it offers and the distance to which it can fly. When you send your drone out, keep a close eye on the distance it is traveling and remember that you need to bring it back too. If your drone can manage 20 minutes of flight time, you shouldn't send it out further than eight minutes. If you end up running out of battery on the way back, your drone would end up falling into the ocean. Even if you are able to recover it, there is absolutely no chance that it would still be functioning at its fullest capacity.

We hope you enjoyed our post on the top drone for fishing. You can get as creative as you want when it comes to using drones so be sure to find some other awesome uses for them as well. If you're looking to use drones in high winds check out some of the ones with the most wind resistance. If you like what you read rate our post down below:

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