Best RC Basher For The Money

If you're looking for the best RC basher, then remember that the purchase of such products requires significant attention. You just can't buy any truck because that's going to be a waste of money as they are pretty expensive. So if you're planning to purchase a basher truggy, go through the guide given below followed by the reviews.

Top Remote Control Basher Comparison Table​

RC BasherSkilled RequiredBatteryPrice 
Traxxas 58034-1 SlashBeginner7-Cell NiMH$
Traxxas 56086-4 E-RevoBeginnerTwo 7-cell NiMH$$
HPI Racing 101850 Vorza FluxBeginner6S Lipo$$$
Team Associated 7030 SC10Beginner6 cell NiMH$
HPI Racing 115125 Savage XS RaptorBeginner2-3S Lipo$$

Traxxas 58034-1 Slash - Best RC For Bashing

traxxas slash
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When it comes to remote control bashers, the first name that comes to our mind is none other than Traxxas – a brand famous for its aesthetics, great features, and inexpensive replacement parts. The Traxxas 58034-1 Slash Racing is a great basher. This 4-wheeler is an electric and ready-to-run that is perfect for rc enthusiast. This product is also known as the younger sibling of Slash 58034-2.


This fantastic rc toy is equipped with a brushed motor that provides fast torque and excellent speed. This motor is upgradeable to the Velineon Brushless Power System that can help the vehicle reach up to 75mph. Also, if you ever convert to brushless, remember to upgrade the battery and transmission as well.

The Traxxas 58034-1 Slash is made for performing excellent off-road actions and features over 900 horsepower. It possesses a 4-wheel independent suspension that permits the tires to move up and down freely. Moreover, it has customizable oil-filled shocks and different pistons that you can use to stop unnecessary and unwanted bouncing.

This also comes with a TQ 2.4 GHz radio transmitter. It only requires four AAA batteries for the controller. The package contains a 4-ampere DC for fast charging and an 8.4V iD NiMH battery. Before starting the unit, you will need to recharge the device entirely. You can recharge the device either by using a separate adapter for charging from the wall outlet or by using the provided 12V car charger. The batteries take about 45 minutes to 90 minutes to get completely charged.

Overall, it has an innovative design and excellent engineering as it is made of high-quality components. Furthermore, it has the Titan 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor that contains XL-5 waterproof ESC. The waterproof elements allow it to run in all weather conditions as well as mud, water, and snow.


This basher rc truggy is excellent for truck lovers. The only issue is that it provides a playtime of about 20 to 30 minutes, which can be a little unsatisfying for some people because the recharging will take double the time.

Traxxas 56086-4 E-Revo - Best RC Backyard Basher

traxxas 56086 review

Traxxas is a company that doesn't need any introduction. It manufactures such high-grade that deliver users a great experience of driving. Its brushless edition is equipped with excellent and unique features, making it one of the most outstanding product lines.


The 56086-4 E-Revo is loaded with waterproof electronics along with heavy-duty setups. It possesses brutally quick acceleration as well as excellent wheel-lifting torque, making it a high-functioning and fast remote control basher. It has a standard speed of 35mph that can be boosted up to 65mph by installing LiPo batteries (Power Cell 3S).

Users can easily connect them to their Android or iOS devices through the Link application that is available for free from the respective application stores like Google Play and App Store. These apps exhibit the temperature, rpm data, speed, and voltage on an entirely customizable and recordable virtual dashboard. The Traxxas Link application also allows users to adjust the TQi's pro-level attributes easily and quickly with the help of its high-definition and intuitive touchscreen interface.

The E-Revo is specially designed to control and handle the severity of massive and power-hungry remote control bashers. It features a high-quality chassis - a 0.08 (2mm) thick nylon composite that is gray in color with a scalable and integrated compartment for the dual battery. The unit includes a brushless motor, decals, waterproof MXL-6s castle creations, TQi radio painted body, and a user manual for instructions.

The E-Revo is a decent option. However, this is a pretty expensive unit as compared to the Traxxas 58034-1 Slash and is not affordable for everyone.

HPI Racing 101850 Vorza Flux

hpi racing 101850

HPI Racing manufactures durable racing products that provide an excellent RC bashing experience as well as an enjoyable playtime. The 101850 Vorza Flux is a record-breaking truck that is packed with outstanding features and fully adjustable elements that offer high-end functionality and performance.


The Vorza is a massive truck that arrives entirely assembled, so you don't have to put together any of its parts except for the batteries. It has a painted body, front and rear sway bars, 2.4 GHz radio system, and long suspension arms that offer a fantastic setup and excellent handling. Moreover, it features adjustable steel turnbuckles, threaded shock bodies, and an adjustable toe in that permit for easy fine tuning.

It is equipped with large black wheels for fantastic RC bashing. The wheels are fixed with HB/HPI Proto all-terrain tires, making it perfect for almost all kinds of surfaces. It is one of the fastest buggies that can reach a speed of 51mph generally and sometimes even up to 64mph if the right batteries are inside it. Moreover, it features a Flux Blur speed controller that can accommodate up to two batteries. You can easily put 6S LiPo cells if you want impressive acceleration and incredible speed.

Talking about the batteries, the unit doesn't come with them. You will need to purchase them separately. The unit does come assembled and ready-to-run, but without the batteries, you can't do anything with it. It will also require a charger for recharging it once the batteries have been exhausted. Apart from that, the Vorza offers great adjustability. It has a thick anodized aluminum steering link, inverse steering block design, adjustable roll center, optional hinge pin holes for rear uprights, aligned king pin along with steel turnbuckles, sway bar, and universal joint pilots.

All in all, the HPI Racing 101850 Vorza Flux is a high-end, high-quality, and a high-performance that is designed specifically for experienced RC enthusiasts that require the best experience. However, just like its matchless features, the price is high too.

Team Associated 7030 SC10

Team Associated 7030 SC10

Team Associated is another great name in the world of bashers. It has an immense experience in manufacturing and engineering products. The SC10 is one of the most popular toys from this brand. It possesses an attractive design, incredible speed, and high customization along with a great price.


This amazing basher is a 2WD off-road model and comes with excellent handling as well as a well-constructed design, offering the ultimate fun to users. The molded chassis has a composite low CG design that helps this unit maintain its balance. It has a height of 8 inches, a length of 21 inches, and a width of 12 inches; these dimensions make tihis a sizeable unit that is fit for driving.

Like the other ones mentioned in this review, this unit features a 2.4 GHz pistol-grip radio system that requires eight AA batteries to function. The package also contains a metal gear steering servo, a 17-turn Reedy Radon brushed motor, and an XP SC200 speed controller. If you see what you are getting according to body parts, then the package also includes bump carries, mud flaps, bumpers, and front arms. Moreover, it’s ready-to-run (RTR), it can start running the moment you take it out of the box if the batteries are fully charged.

Coming towards the details of the battery, this car requires a six- to seven-cell NiMH stick pack, or you can also opt for a two-cell LiPo pack. This option allows you to select batteries of your choice rather than sticking to the one that the company says. Moreover,, this unit doesn't come with batteries. You will need to purchase the cells as well as the charger separately. It is recommended that you buy a peak detection charger if you want a safe and efficient operation.

Once the batteries have been fully charged and placed in the compartment, you can start playing with it. The drive time can last for about twenty to twenty-five minutes before the battery drains out. This period is typically considered enough, but hardcore players might want to drive it even longer.

This is the most affordable option in this entire list. It possesses great features and performs excellently, making it a great choice for people who want to have a full experience but can't get an expensive unit. It's one of the top rc bashers out there.

HPI Racing 115125 Savage XS Raptor RTR Toy

HPI Racing 115125 Savage Review

HPI Racing has amazed customers with its great quality vehicles.. We have already featured its 101850 Vorza Flux previously in this review, but due to its quality and construction we can't help but feature another of its product known as the 115125 Savage XS Raptor.


It is one of the best dedicated off-road and full-sized toy vehicles that have a well-constructed body and high-end performance. This unit features engine vents, grille design, short bed, fender flares and digital mud graphics, making it look like a full-sized truck. It has a huge number of features, which allow it to be one of the best units in the RTR toy world.

The vehicle possesses a sturdy design with a TVP chassis. Moreover, it comes with a pre-assembled body, which means it has an RTR status; just take it out of the box and start driving. It has a digital mud design on its distinct Ford SVT Raptor body and is equipped with the Flux MMH-4000KV brushless motor and the Flux EMH-3S brushless speed controller. It offers full-time 4WD shaft drive that features the HPI 2.4 GHz radio transmitter with a pistol-grip radio.

It possesses an SF10W waterproof servo and robust 3-gear differentials. It supports 6-cell NiMH and standard LiPo batteries, but it is recommended to use 2-3S LiPo along with a 30C discharge rate battery charger. It also features rear suspension braces, an aluminum front, and front and rear skid plate bumpers along with stainless steel bulkhead lower plates.

Overall, it is one of the best basher truggy toy that has heaps of features at a very good price. It might not be too inexpensive, but the price is very much justifiable with its features, performance, and quality.

Considerations Before Purchasing

Buying an basher depends on a variety of features such as the price and battery requirements. If you're buying one for the very first time, it is necessary that you consider the points mentioned below.

What Exactly Do You Need?

If you can identify what type of basher truggy you want, it means that half of your issues have been resolved. Filter out the kind of vehicle you want to buy such as a monster truck, 2WD buggy, or stadium truck. This decision depends on the kind of driving you want to do, like whether you are going to drive it in the most on a rough terrain or on grass.


They are not so inexpensive that you can purchase one with a month of your savings. If you're limited to a certain budget, then search for the trucks that satisfy most of your needs in that price range. Remember that the cost of it is not exactly its total price. Most models require you to purchase batteries and chargers separately, which indirectly increase the vehicle's price.

RTR or Kit

Decide in advance whether you need an RTR truck or a kit. It is recommended to go for a ready-to-run (RTR) , as assembling the vehicle can be a waste of your time. Besides, there is no guarantee whether the assembly will go right or not.

Nitro or Electric

For newbies, an electric truck is an excellent option as it is highly affordable and less complicated and doesn't need much maintenance as compared to nitros. Electric vehicles are a superb example of plug and play; just charge the battery and you are ready to drive. However, nitro vehicles provide a realistic driving experience with a hi-revving engine sound and smoke blow-outs. They are designed for more experienced players, but anyone can try them. For some other awesome rc toys check out rc snowcats.

Hope you enjoyed the list of the best rc bashers! Remember to always read, read and read. The more you know the better of you will be.​

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