Best RC Rock Crawler Tires

When it comes to full-sized, off-road vehicles, tires are considered to be the number one modification that one can make. While most people change tires simply to get a better look, they can have a profound impact on the vehicle's performance. This is also the case in the world of RC. In fact, getting new tires can improve the performance of your RC vehicles more than anything else. So here are some of the best RC rock crawler tires that you can pick.

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Reviews of the Best 1.9 Crawler Tires

Pit Bull RC PB9003NK 1.9 Rock Beast Scale Crawler with Komp Kompound

best rc crawler tires

When it comes to RC crawler tires, the best ones are often those that are RC versions of actual off-road vehicle tires. The Rock Beast 1.9 Crawler Tires are the miniaturized versions of the renowned Champion Pit Bull Rocker Tires. These tires are the ultimate upgrade that your RC vehicle can get. The performance will improve drastically, and you'll witness your RC vehicle overcoming rough terrains like never before.

Upgrading your RC vehicle with these 1.9 RC Scale Pit Bull Rockers can give you some of the best performance. The multi-varied tread design will increase lateral and forward/reverse traction with some serious biting across its footprint.

The Rock Beast RC Crawler Tires are designed to increase control and speed while simultaneously enhancing contact patch and stability. Thanks to their lateral bite and unique design, the tires offer exceptional traction and incredible stickiness.

The inside ribbing on the tires provides stability and sidewall support to the RC vehicle. The tires' stepped lugs also aid in lateral traction. These tires are designed for off-camber situations as the alternating biting pattern as their multi-varied tread blocks give maximum traction.

The tires also ship with pretty slick Pit Bull decals that you can put on your RC vehicle.

RC 4WD Mud Slingers 1.9" Tires

rc4wd mud slingers

These tires live up to their name as Mud Slingers 1.9 Tires are designed for off-road adventures. These tires are made of a soft compound which requires the use of foam inserts to support the truck fully.

The foam inserts are included with the tires. You can also trim the foam inserts if you want to get a more conforming and softer tire. However, the foam inserts are nice and soft and give the right balance with a great mix of flexibility and support.

The tires feature aggressive, tall lugs with side biters that can dig into softer surfaces and get a good grip on rocky surfaces. These are one of the best 1.9 RC tires and certainly one of the most affordable ones. RC4WD does a fantastic job when it comes to the details, which is what makes the tires stand out. The mold is pretty impressive as well.

The tires are lightweight and can fit wheels such as X-0241, X-0242, and BL-19. Designed for rocky and soft terrains, these RC4WD Mud Slingers can improve your RC vehicle's performance no matter which surface you run them on.

RC4WD Interco Super Swamper 1.9 TSL/Bogger Scale Tire RC4Z-T0046

rc4wd super swamper tires

RC4WD launched Interco Super Swampers as the tallest 1.9 tires and rightfully so because the tires live up to the height and looks of their full-scale counterpart. Designed to be used in muddy and rocky surfaces, these Super Swamper tires are made with the advanced X3 sticky and soft compound. They feature reinforced sidewalls as well that provide improved control and traction. Driving an RC vehicle off-road has never been as fun as it is with the Interco Super Swamper tires.

While they may not be the best tires for rock crawling because of the compound and tread design, they certainly are the best tires you can get for muddy conditions and trails. They clean out well, and the height helps greatly when it comes to axle clearance.

The stock foams are impressive as they are soft and a little bouncy for rigs of 6lbs or more. While you may experience a little sidewall roll, that just adds to the thrill and doesn't cause flips. The tires also come with two foam inserts for a conforming fit as well as an Interco sticker sheet.

Reviews of the Best 2.2 Crawler Tires

2.2 Rock Beast II with Komp Kompound

2.2 rock beast

The Rock Beast II is one of the best 2.2 RC tires available on the market. The attention to detail is so good that without a scale reference, you can't really tell if you're looking at the Rock Beast II or the full-sized Rocker LT, which is the full-sized tire that Rock Beast II is based on.

The tread detail is crisp and fine, right down to its treading and sidewall lettering. The proportions look great, although a drawback is that foam inserts aren't part of the package. However, Pit Bull states that this was done based on the customer response. You can get the 2-stage foam inserts separately.

The tires are made with Pit Bull's soft Komp Rubber Kompound which is easily comparable to the softest scale-tire compounds of other brands. These tires offer a detailed and authentic tread design, which is a great deal for purists. Other great features include soft compound and aggressive grip on most off-road surfaces. The only drawback has to be that basic foam inserts aren't included.

The Rock Beast II will improve your RC truck's tail manners and add a scale look as well. Overall, the Rock Beast II tires earn full marks for quality, fit, performance, and style.

Gmade 70080 2.2 G-Air System

gmade 2.2 rock crawler tires

Gmade 2.2 G-Air System Bighorn tires are specially designed high-grip tires that are compatible with various rock crawlers and trucks. These air-filled tires are made of a soft compound that gives smooth running and good grip. Its deep and large lugs offer exceptional traction on all sorts of terrains including mud, dirt, and rock.

Counted among the best rock crawling tires, Bighorn tires let you adjust the air pressure to improve the overall performance. These are designed for beadlock wheels and feature a no-gluing dual-side beadlock system. The Bighorn tires can fit 12mm hex hubs and are ideal for rock crawling vehicles.

The kit features four 2.2 G-Air System beadlock wheels, four Bighorn tires, and an air pump. It also features four Nylon beadlock rings and eight round head bolts made of stainless steel and silver. Overall, it's a complete package for those who want to get maximum performance on rocky terrains.

Proline 115913 Trencher SC 2.2/3.0" M2 Tires Mounted Renegade

proline 115913

The Pro-Line Trencher 2.2 Tires offer loads of great features for the off-road enthusiasts. It features a horizontal H-shaped tread that delivers lots of side-to-side stability and traction. The tall, oversized tread is ideal for delivering longevity and durability, and the tires come with reusable, high-density closed cell inserts.

The tires are to be mounted on Renegade Black wheels. The Trencher tires by Pro-Line pay great attention to detail with its extremely detailed sidewall design that gives a tough off-road look. The Official Pro-Line logo and the Trencher SC name is also embossed on the sidewalls of the tires. Overall, the Trencher tire is one of the best 2.2 tires you can get for off-road fun.

RC4WD Z-T0065 Mickey Thompson 2.2 Baja Claw TTC Scale Tires

rc2wd t00652 rc tires

The RC4WD Mickey Thompson 2.2 Tires are made with advanced X2 SS compound, and there's nothing that these huge 2.2 tires can't handle. The self-cleaning lug patter, the staggered outer lugs, and the voids between the lugs provide more than enough sidewall bite and excellent grip, especially on the rocks.

The tires are made with great attention to detail and are identical to their full-scale model. They're arguably the biggest 2.2 tires that you can get when it comes to width and height. However, they will fit your RC vehicle if it features 2.2 wheels.

The compound is soft which gives excellent grip. The tread grips don’t just look great but perform superbly as well.

Guide on RC Crawler Tires – Things to Look For

When purchasing RC crawler tires, these are the features you need to look for.


When it comes to rock crawlers, 1.9 and 2.2 are the two primary sizes. These numerical values refer to the wheel's diameter that the tires are designed to fit. The 2.2 tires are larger than most 1.9 tires, but some vehicles are equipped with 1.9 tires but can also accommodate 2.2 tires. The height and width of the tires, even of the same size classification, differ just like full-sized tires. Bigger isn't always better because your vehicle's battery, motor, and speed control will also have to accommodate the larger tire size.


The ideal tread is determined by the terrains you'll be encountering the most. Treads with larger voids work best with loose dirt and muddy terrains. Tires with smaller voids between their lugs work better on pavements. Directional tires work best with good vehicle speed as the tread design makes it easier to sling mud away from the tire's center.


The compound is the material that the tire is molded in. Some compounds are firmer and last long, but others are pliable and soft. While softer compounds grip better on rough terrains, they also wear out faster.

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts provide a consistent performance on different terrains. While standard foam is the ideal choice, you may consider getting memory foam inserts for rocky surfaces. Some companies also offer hybrid foam inserts that consist both memory foam and standard foam.

Additional Features

There are some additional factors that you should also consider while purchasing rock crawler tires. For example, tires featuring interior ribbing along the sidewalls offer better support without sacrificing the flexibility. Some tires feature different-sized lugs to give a more aggressive off-road tread. Some tires also feature siping or thin slits in its tread to give better traction.

Axial Racing has a great guide on more detailed information on rc rock crawler tires.​

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