Best RC Dirt Bike For The Money

If you've never have had the chance to play with a remote control dirt bike then you don't know what you've missed out on.

Be sure to read our entire buyers guide on finding the best rc dirt bike. They are extremely entertaining for anyone of any age. So let's get right to it. 

Best Remote Control Dirt Bike List

Top Race - Best RC Motorcycle & Bike

top race rc bike
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If you're buying an RC vehicle for the first time and require something that is fun and not hard to operate, then this RC bike by Top Race is what you need. You can quickly master using an RC two-wheeler through this unit in just 15 to 30 minutes.

This dirt bike body is a combination of metal and plastic, and the tires are made of thick anti-skid rubber. Moreover, it is equipped with LED lights at the front and back, which gives a real impression. It also features a built-in gyroscope technology that permits it to ride on two wheels smoothly.

Furthermore, the handling of this unit is pretty easy. You just have to pull the trigger from left to right, whichever way you want, and enjoy a smooth ride. The speed, however, isn't super-fast, but it's fast enough to excite newbies or children.

Apart from that, this it comes with an easy-to-read manual, a 4 GHz transmitter, and a charging cable that offers quick charging of 4 AA batteries (about a maximum of 15 minutes).

This unit is a great option for the people who are using one for the first time. The build quality might be a bit mediocre, but it is easy to use and highly affordable.

Maisto XL 1200N - Best Electric RC Motorcycle

maisto review
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The XL 1200 Nightster features a special gyro balance controller, allowing it to make the same movements as a real 2-wheeler.

This unit is full of functions and contains a Pistol Grip controller that offers easy and smooth acceleration of it with a control range of about 20 meters (66 feet).

It is an incredible product for beginners yet challenging enough for the professionals due to its high speed and quality features. This Maisto Harley Davidson bike is a licensed vehicle, includes a transmitter, and is a very sturdy unit. It is a pretty large device, about 12-inch long, and is made of high-quality materials.

It features the authentic decoration and styling of a real Harley Davidson, making the RC experience closer to reality.

However, it has a drawback too. This RC vehicle is one for which you will need to purchase batteries separately. The batteries required are 4 AA batteries and 2 AAA batteries for the transmitter.

Whether you're buying this unit for a kid or an adult, it will surely amaze them with its high speed and smooth steering. It also has the complete looks and functions of a real Harley Davidson along with a bearable price tag. The only issue is the purchasing of the batteries separately, which adds a few dollars to its actual price.

Speed Lightning - Best RC Dirt Bike For Sale

velocity toys
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This battery operated toy is exceptionally great and offers full-function professional steering that includes turning left and right as well as going backward and forwards.

The Velocity Toys Speed Lightning features a PRO 2.4 GHz radio control system that allows users to have a steady and uninterrupted drive.

This unit is made of high-quality plastic and is overall black in color with either red, green, or even black stripes along with rubber grip, color-striped tires. It is is 6.5 inches high, 5 inches wide, and 9.5 inches long.

Moreover, you don't need to assemble the different parts of as it comes in one unit. It is also equipped with bright LED headlights to make it look more real authentic and allowing an individual to use it at night.

The good thing is that this remote-controlled vehicle comes with batteries, so you don't have to purchase them separately. It requires 2 AA batteries to function. This motorcycle provides users with a distinctive learning action. It leans side to side when steering, allowing users to have a real biking experience.

It is undoubtedly a good-looking and well-made rc dirt bike. It is not even expensive. Plus, it comes with batteries included. However, the batteries might quickly drain as it is a powerful unit. Also, it might end up falling if it leans too much while steering.

Maisto R/C Cyklone 360 Police Dirt Bike

maisto cyclone review
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This remarkable toy is named Cyklone 360 because it does amazing spinning actions that you might not be able to get from other RC bikes.

This police bike is available in two colors, which are black and orange. This vehicle is equipped with LED lights that change colors, allowing it to have a futuristic look whenever they are on.

You will be amazed to operate such an RC vehicle as it does astonishingly tricky stunts that even professional riders can't imagine. However, even a beginner or a kid can quickly master the wild stunts that this unit can perform. It is capable of doing power spins with the help of its rear wheel, and it can take a 360-degree round without falling or being unstable.

Another great point is that this RC vehicle doesn't require batteries, so you don't need to spend extra money on buying the batteries separately or repurchasing them when they are dead. This police motorbike of the future is surely a great product to get if you are a huge fan of radio-controlled vehicles.

The Cyklone 360 is an excellent option if you're looking for something that can exceed your expectations but at an affordable price. This product undoubtedly provides good value for money as it is attractive, inexpensive, and fascinating.

ECX Outburst 

ecx outburst
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The ECX Outburst is finally allowing users to experience its first-ever motorcycle from the ECX's radio-controlled vehicles line-up. 

This fantastic toy has an internal gyro stabilization that keeps it centered while it turns and allows this vehicle to drive smoothly on a variety of surfaces. It possesses high-functioning LED headlights as well as taillights so that you can use it even in the darkest of hours.

It is not just big on looks but on convenience, features, and performance as well. Moreover, it features a USB charger for a fast recharge of the unit as well as a trim scheme.

Its high-quality rubber tires do an excellent job over asphalt and carpet, but it is not going to move smoothly over grass. That's the only drawback we have found out about. 

If you've tried out different ones previously, then you must have experienced that they won't be able to take off from a dead stop. However, this is not the case with Outburst. This immediately straightens out and gets up on its wheels once you step on the gas.

If you're buying one for the first time, then you will be greatly impressed by the functioning and performance of the Outburst. This unit is an excellent choice for everyone, whether a kid or an adult, a newbie or an expert. It is quite affordable too. Just avoid using it over grassy areas as it doesn't work well on it.


force1 review
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This dirt bike allows users to enjoy simultaneous racing with the help of its 2.4 GHz transmitter. You can race with your friends and relish the fun of racing with multiple racers.

You can also make it perform great stunts as it features a built-in gyroscope and possesses anti-skid rubber tires that are very thick. You can also make it ride on its back tire with the help of its gyroscope technology.

This vehicle is made of high-quality materials and is very sturdy. Both itself and the rider look very genuine as they have a detailed design and finish. For providing convenience to the user, it is equipped with super-bright LED lights.

These lights provide enough vision that users can play with this fantastic unit at nighttime too. It is undoubtedly a great gift for not only kids but also adults who love RC toys. The entire package includes a charging cable, a 2.4 GHz transmitter, and a user manual that contains all the necessary details from how to use it to its proper maintenance.

It is a fantastic rc gadget that knows how to balance itself on challenging terrains. It might take a few hours or even days to understand all of its functions and tricks completely, but once you figure it out entirely, you'll love it even more. It has a reasonable price, and the recharging doesn't even take long. The only downside is that it will run for a maximum of 15 minutes only before its battery gets drained.

How to Buy a Remote Control Dirt Bike

Here are a few points that you’ll need to consider before buying one.


This feature isn't as important to consider before getting an RC bike, but you should always check what wheels you're opting for and their functionality over different terrains. You can tell the thickness of the wheel just by touching it. Remember that the thicker the wheel, the smoother the ride.

If you want a motorbike that can do one-wheeling, then you have to check if the unit's back wheel is large enough or if it supports gyroscope technology. Moreover, if you're a beginner and think you'll have a hard time at the start in keeping it upright, then you can also go for the ones with more than two wheels. These support wheels will help you learn how to control the RC bikes and will make you a master.

You should also check how far the motorbike you're going to purchase can go. How long is the control range you are opting for and up to what distance the connection between it and the controller will be stable?

We aren't saying that your control range should be long enough that it can go to the next town without stopping, but at least, it should be sufficiently long that doesn't interrupt the smooth ride during your normal use. Most quality vehicles are providing users with a control range of over 60 feet. Remember that the range of control is great as long as it is not lower than 40 feet.

That's about it for our remote control dir bike buyers guide. We hope you enjoyed the reviews and hopefully you found the top rc dirt bike to buy now. Another fun rc toy you might want to consider the rc air swimmers. Be sure to see our other post.

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