5 Best RC Helicopter Under $100

Today we're going to show you the top 10 inexpensive rc helicopters that you can buy for less than $100 dollars. 

We understand that you need to think about your budget when deciding what to buy. If you are faced with budget constraints, we got the solution.

Note: Some prices might have changed since publishing. We do our best to keep our list of cheap rc helicopters updated.

List Of The Best RC Helicopter Under 100 

WLToys V912 Remote Control Helicopter

wltoys v912
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This product succeeds in satisfying both parents and children alike. If you appreciate premium quality products, you will not be disappointed.

This product has a control distance of approximately 150m, which allows your child to enjoy the features of this product at a high range. Moreover, it features a flying time of 8 minutes after which it requires approximately 60 minutes to charge.

The frequency of the remote control is 2.4 GHz, which allows for optimum control of the product. The various movements that accompany this frequency range from forward and backward to up and down motion. Together, these two features allow for a high-quality experience.


  • Highly robust making it durable
  • LED lights enhance the visual appeal of the product
  • Long distance proximity making it reach awesome places


  • Recharging time of battery is longer than others

However, the recharging time of the battery is longer than in other products which serve as a cause of inconvenience amongst users.

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Hero RC H911 Helicopter

hero rc h911
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It is hard to find a product which is both affordable and packed with value-added features especially at under 100. This product, however, is the exception to this rule. 

This helicopter is made out of plastic material which leads to this product being lightweight and durable. It is considered to be the ideal helicopter for beginners due to its elastic features.

The product can be flawlessly used both indoor and outdoor which ensures greater usage by children, thereby making it an excellent cheap investment. When the toy is fully charged, it can be played with for 5-7 minutes after which it requires a 60-minute recharging time. The inclusion of an LCD transmitter in the package ensures that you are well informed about trim and its settings. There is a reason why HERO was mentioned in one our top helicopter brands post.


  • Product is underpriced compared to it's quality
  • Highly responsible to control
  • Smooth and memorable flying experience


  • Noisy when flying
  • Size is a bit small

WL Helicopter

wl helicopter
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The fact that this product is portable, durable, and of high quality has made this a top notch pick.

This helicopter features a single propeller and gyro which is built into the system. Together, these characteristics allow the product to be lightweight, robust, and stable. Its ability to work in windy weather has made it a popular choice amongst many. 

An LCD accompanies the remote control of the product. Such a display allows you to operate the product precisely. It is available in a white and blue color and features a Li-polymer battery. The battery, when charged fully, allows for 5 minutes of flying time followed by a 30-minute recharging time.


  • Premium quality construction
  • Highly durable and lightweight
  • Easy to transport (take it outside or take it with you on vacations)


  • Not usable indoors due to it's size
  • Operation system not friendly to beginners


gptoys 610
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If you want to provide your child with an entertaining and high-quality helicopter which is easy on the pocket, you may want to give this product a try.

Are you or your child a novice? If so, this product is ideal for you. Moreover, you can use it to fly three helicopters at one time with the help of the three selectable frequencies.

The dimensions of the product are larger compared to other products listed. Therefore, it offers you more than other products. It is also equipped with a multicolored LED light, which allows you to operate the helicopter at night. The product is suitable for those above the age of 14 and can be flown for approximately 8 minutes when charged fully. The charging time varies between 30 and 50 minutes.


  • High quality
  • Gives excellent flying performance
  • Smooth flying experience
  • Comes Ready to Run(no need to assemble anything)


  • Controlling range is 15 meters
  • Doesn't work too good in windy weather
  • Transmitter doesn't function as well as it should

Haktoys HAK303

haktoys hak303
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This product not only delivers high-end performance but also features a stylish design. Such value-added features make this one of the top products. 

This inexpensive helicopter includes a gyroscope, which is built into it. Such an inclusion allows for greater stability compared to other products. Moreover, it makes this product easy to fly which, in turn, succeeds in satisfying its customers.

The product is marked by durability which is guaranteed by the fact that it is crash resistant and includes flexible material in its construction. It is the ideal product for indoor use and can fly up to the height of 50 feet. It has a charging time of 30 minutes and a flying time of 6-8 minutes.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Highly durable
  • Doesn't take long to charge as compared to others
  • Higher battery life than others


  • Difficult to control at times
  • Not suitable for outdoors

Now that you have read the pros/cons and features of each of the top 5 cost efficient rc helicopters below 100 dollars you can make a decision. Go out and have fun and fly with you're inexpensive but awesome gadget.

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