Best RC Podcast 2017

Podcast seem to have gotten quite popular over the years. Here at we love a good podcast. We've seen a rise in podcast from all industries even in the rc industry. Here I bring you a list of some of the top radio control podcasts on the internet. 

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Active Podcasts

RC Roundtable

rcroundtable podcast

RC Roundtable is a podcast on all types of radio control vehicles. Fitz, Lee and Terry are the current host of the podcast. Before the start of each podcast they go over the topics they will cover so if you think you'll find it interesting you'll know what they talk about before. 

They are also very open to questions and suggestions. So if you need help with anything radio control they're perhaps one of the most knowledgable and helpful in the rc industry.

Crash Cast 

Another team of 5 experts in the rc world. They have a huge source of information in their podcast. Branding themselves as "Everything you wanted to know about RC Flying but were to afraid to ask." 

crash cast podcast

It's been 6 long years since they launched their first episode. Since they love building you can often hear about other things such as CNC and 3D printing. Be sure to sign up to their podcast on iTunes.

Angle Of Attack 

angle of attack

A podcast from four aviation experts Karl, Tim, Tim and and Chris. Here they talk just about everything from the latest rc news, to having guest posts and their experiences in the hobby. They have a lot of episodes so be sure to check them out!

Flite Test 

flitetest podcast

The flight test podcast was created for people that fly and create planes and rc helicopters. Wether you're a beginner or an expert you'll have an awesome time listening to their podcast as it's aimed at both. They have over 149 episodes to date. You can learn about all types of radio control vehicles so be sure to check them out. ‚Äč

Inactive Podcast

RCHeli Nation

The RC Heli Nation is made up of a team of 5 experts. The podcast has been going strong since 2010. It's perhaps one of the most popular rc podcasts out there. Dan Reed inspired by other podcast such as All Things That Fly and RC Freak Podcast decided to launch his own. 

rchelination podcast

They have over 261 episodes. Unfortunately they have decided to leave it at that since in January 16 they announced they would be recording their last podcast. Despite this they have some awesome information in their old podcasts so be sure to listen to them.

RC Flightline

rc flightline podcast

Todd Carrison started this rc podcast with a goal in mind. As a young boy who was highly interested in remote control airplanes it led him to get to know everything about the hobby. This particular podcast is aimed at families to teach them something they can all do together.

RC Today Show

rc today show

It seems some of the top rc podcast are no longer active. They're last show was in May, 2016. This podcast grew to over 150+ episodes, 159 to be exact. Hosted by Bobby Bar and Chris both rc enthusiast who fly several different models of aircrafts. With both of them being in the hobby for several years you can learn a lot from them. 

All Things That Fly

all things that fly podcast

All things that fly is perhaps one of the podcast with the most episodes that we've covered so far. It has over 290 episodes. Daniel who first started with remote control planes and now dedicates himself to helicopters. You can see another one of his sites over at Moose and Lucien are the other two host. Apart from the podcast that they run they also have a reviews section so be sure to check it out.

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