Best RC Tank 2017: Buyers Guide & Reviews

Remote control tanks are a fun way to spend your time, especially if you love war machines such as helicopters, and aircraft. If you're new to remote control tanks, it's important that you read these reviews before investing in one. Here are the reviews of the top 7 RC tanks so that you can be informed before making a purchase.

best rc tank 2017

Best Remote Control Tank Comparison Table 

RC TankScaleDimensions  
US M41A31/1616 x 10 x 9
1/24 M1A2 Abrams US Battle Tank1/2416 x 6 x 5
1/16 Radio Remote Control German Tiger I1/1624 x 10 x 10
German King Tiger1/1626 x 11 x 11
1/16 RC US M1A2 Abrams1/1616 x 10 x 9
German Tiger I Battle Tank 1/2414 x 6 x 5
1/16 German Tiger Airsoft1/1625 x 9 x 7

Best RC Tanks List 2017

US M41A3 Bulldog 1/16th Scale 

best rc tank
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It's fair to say that the US M41A3 Bulldog is one of the most realistic looking RC battle tanks available on the market. It's a full-scale RC tank featuring metal gear and tracks as well as simulative engine start-up sounds. It features a smoke generator and sound effects to add to the realism. Powered by the new 2.4GHz radio control, you get better functionality, increased reach, and superb handling characteristics.

The turret is rotatable through 320 degrees, and it can also fire cannons. The barrel is also capable of elevating through 30 degrees while emulating the music and action effects.

Overall, it's a realistic looking tank with all the right features. The metal tracks make it possible for it to be used on rough terrains and you can always upgrade the tracks as well. The control is powered by a 2.4GHz transmitter and runs on 6 AA batteries. It features BB pellets that can be fired using the main gun. These pellets go up to 25 meters, while it also features a full suspension system. This is definitely one of the best remote control tanks to for combat. 


  • Rechargeable battery, although the radio controller runs on AA batteries.
  • Better rotation range of turret; metal tracks increase the maneuverability.
  • Realistic sound, light and smoke effects.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Inaccurate sounds for an M.
  • Controls are difficult and not as smooth as some other models.
  • Electronic parts are sub-par.


Overall, this is a great entry-level tank and offers some fun features, but enthusiasts may be able to find some flaws in it. Overall, it's  well-built and it should satisfy your battle tank needs, if not exceed them.

1/24 M1A2 Abrams US Battle 

m1a2 review
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The M1A2 Abrams is a very popular US battle tank, and now you can get the RC version of this military vehicle. The 1/24 replica of the M1A2 Abrams  is not just a tank for show, but it features some very realistic controls. The tank is capable of firing 6mm BB pellets, while its hatch can load 50 bullets at once. It also features simulative engine start-up sound and cannon sound as well.

It adds to the realism with realistic firing sounds as well as a recoil action has been incorporated into it, which takes place when the cannon fires. The tank features full RC control and moves backward and forwards. It can spin as well and features a rotating turret that can perform up to 300 degrees of rotation. The gun of the M1A2 Abrams Battle Tank is also capable of elevation. Using the remote control, you can elevate it approximately 20 degrees in the vertical direction.

To offer a realistic movement, it delivers a maximum climbing gradient of 30 degrees, although the climbing gradient is changeable depending on the different road surfaces. It provides full RC functionality and multiple speed control functions.

The Abrams is also equipped with high gripping caterpillar tracks and can be used in toy tank battles as it offers a maximum firing range of 9ft and a control range of 30ft. On one complete charge, it offers 20 minutes of playing time, and you can get spare batteries to extend the run. It's a fully assembled and painted military vehicle RC model that is ready to run right out of the box.


  • Good runtime and realistic sound effects.
  • Less expensive as compared to other models on the market.
  • Impressive control range and easy-to-use controls.


  • Complaints of poor quality of the controller.
  • Tracks are prone to slipping off when driving off-road.
  • Sound effects can’t be turned off.


Overall, it's a good tank if you plan on giving it as a gift to a young one. It's not the best recommendation for those who plan on using it roughly, but it'll still make a good addition to your collection.

1/16 Radio Remote Control German Tiger I RC Infrared Battle Tank

german tiger review
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The 1/16 scale replica of the German Tiger 1 is impressive, especially for enthusiasts. It's a full-scale RC battle tank with infrared capabilities and features a 2.4GHz radio system, which extends the reach, handling the characteristics and functionality. Tamiya did an excellent job when building it.

The German Tiger 1 features a simulative motor start-up sound, which the tank makes every time it's started. It also features a barrel that can move in the vertical direction and has a maximum of 30-degree barrel elevation. The turret can rotate through 320 degrees and features music and action effects as well to add to its realistic performance. It can make a firing sound, cannon sounds, and other tank sounds.

With the RC control, you can move in forward, backward and sideways directions. You can also perform a spin and turn on the spot or swivel left and right. It runs on AA batteries and features an illuminated machine gun with a fire distance of around 20cm. The cannon also recoils after firing to give a realistic effect. The paint on the tank is beige brown to enhance the camouflage scheme.


  • Variable volume control and variable speed control.
  • Working suspension and turret turn, while the cannon moves up and down easily.
  • The gun recoils after firing.
  • Machine gun flashes and makes firing sounds.
  • IR canon is bright, and the IR receiver works great.


  • Costly as compared to other models.
  • Plastic parts are brittle and thin.
  • Tracks can’t be upgraded or replaced.
  • Relies on AA batteries instead of rechargeable ones.


Overall, it's a fun RC tank that offers some good features and ease of control, but it's not the best built one out there and it could certainly improve in the battery department.

1/16 Radio R/C German King Tiger Henschel Turret Airsoft RC Battle Tank

german king review
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The German King Tiger RC Battle Tank is a 1/16 replica RC model of the original German King Tiger battle tank. It features smoke and sound effects as well as metal tracks and gears that can be upgraded. The replica model features full RC functionality and can move forward and backward and spin, rotate and accelerate in both the forward and backward directions.

The King Tiger also features a barrel that can be raised by 30 degrees to target the enemy. You can also turn the turret and rotate it up to 320 degrees to take a perfect aim. It's powered by a 2.4GHz radio system that features the latest 2.4GHz spectrum technology. It offers functions such as automatic identification, precise code pairing, and strong anti-jamming. In short, this technology lets up to 20 tanks run at the same time, so there's no risk of interference.

This fully assembled and painted replica of the original German King Tiger battle tank gives a radio-controlled long gun barrel that allows the user to make movements such as gun elevation and turret rotation with the help of radio control. To make the action more realistic, it recoils after firing, while the simulative motor start-up sounds and firing action sounds contribute to its realism.


  • Thanks to metal tracks, it can handle rough terrains.
  • Modifiable smoke generator and light effects.
  • Upgradeable tracks and gears.
  • Good quality parts and body paint.


  • The instruction manual isn't helpful at all.
  • Inconsistent Airsoft accuracy.
  • Expensive as compared to other models but features quality parts.


Although it's not as affordable as some other ones on the list, it offers good value for the price. It features metal parts, an RC-controlled turret, and a machine gun as well as smoke and sound effects which make it ideal for battle recreation and fun.

 1/16 RC US M1A2 Abrams RC Airsoft RC Battle Tank

US M1A2 Abrams review
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The 1/16 replica of the US battle tank M1A2 Abrams offers features such as radio control, Airsoft machine gun, and a firing turret. It's more than just a showpiece as it can fire BB pellets and cannons and make realistic noises including cannon firing noise, machine gun firing noise, and the engine start-up sound.

Overall, it offers realistic controls and is very easy to operate, even for those who're doing it for the first time. All the movements and operations can be controlled via radio control which allows the user to move the tank forward and backward as well as spin it on the spot. The barrel can also be elevated while the turret is rotatable. Firing the cannon is very realistic because of the tank and the barrel recoil. The tank also features sound effects and a smoke generator to add to the realism.

With a climbing gradient of 30 degrees, it is capable of handling rough terrains easily. The tank offers multiple speed functions and is equipped with a gripping caterpillar, which makes it more than just a toy tank for kids. It also offers an impressive run time of up to 20 minutes on one full charge while the batteries are rechargeable, so you don't have to worry about getting new AA batteries all the time.


  • Realistic smoke and sound effects.
  • Good battery timing
  • Offers good value for the price with a rotatable turret and elevating barrel.
  • Impressive control range, easy operation, and control.


  • Lots of easily-breakable parts.
  • Tracks are prone to slipping off when driving off-road.
  • Plastic parts aren’t durable or upgradeable.


It's not the best one, but for the price, it offers good value and even better performance and features. For those who want to explore the rough terrains with this beauty, this is the right choice.

German Tiger I Battle Tank Radio RC 1/24 

german tiger I review
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The 1/24 replica of the German Tiger 1 Heavy Panzer is a fully-assembled and painted RC model which offers a realistic battle tank operation and lots of features. It provides a durable full-metal cannon that is capable of shooting 6mm BB pellets. If you want to learn remote control tank strategies to win check out this page. The hatch can load 20 bullets at once. To make the cannon firing more realistic, the tank features simulative cannon sound and a recoil action that takes place as soon as the cannon fires. It also features simulative engine sounds and firing sounds to add realism to the tank's operation.

The tank is fully controlled via a radio controller and can move forwards and backward. It can also spin and is capable of handling the on-the-field action. It features a 300-degree rotating turret that can be controlled via RC. The gun barrel that fires is also capable of elevation and the maximum vertical elevation angle is approximately 20 degrees.

The tank is capable of handling outside road surfaces and has a climbing gradient of approximately 30 degrees. With multiple speed controls and high gripping caterpillar, it gives as realistic operations as possible with an RC replica.

The maximum cannon firing range is 9ft, but the RC control range is up to 30ft. It features rechargeable batteries that give 20 minutes of playing time after one full charge.


  • Realistic gun sounds.
  • Good value for the price.
  • Can be driven on thick weeds, long grass, and rough terrains.
  • Easy to drive and good handling
  • Tracks are easy to put back on.


  • Tracks come off easily, although they can be put back on.
  • Engine sounds can’t be turned off.
  • Commander figure not painted.


This one is good looking and is available at a great price. 

1/16 German Tiger Airsoft RC Battle Tank

german tiger tank review
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German Tiger Airsoft Battle Tank features metal gear and tracks which set it apart from the plastic crowd and make it arguably the best remote control tank. The tank offers complete RC control and can move forwards and backward as well as accelerate in both directions. You can also rotate the tank and raise the barrel by 30 degrees, while the tank's turret can be rotated by 320 degrees. Overall, it features six different groups of auto-programming and automotive demonstration functions. It's a 1/16 scale replica of the actual German Tiger Tank and comes fully assembled and painted.

What makes this RC battle tank so awesome is that not only are the tank motions remote controlled, but the long gun barrel and turret can also be operated using the radio control. You can rotate the turret or elevate the gun and move the tank forwards or backward at the same time.

Another great feature is that you can change the frequency of the radio transmission to any frequency you like. This helps avoid interference when you're in a tank battle with your friends. It also features a simulative start-up sound, cannonball sounds, and machine-gun sounds to make it sound more realistic.

Want to learn to build your own german tiger instead? This guy did an awesome job at building the tiger rc tank from scratch.​


  • Driving, turret rotation, and gun elevation are easy to perform; ideal for first-timers.
  • Inexpensive as compared to other models.
  • Firing system and turret control via RC are easy.
  • Recorded sounds are realistic, and the volume can be adjusted.
  • The remote offers good range, and the gun turret can be turned and off.


  • Plastic parts are cheap.
  • Not very ideal for outdoor use.
  • Instruction manual only offers English and Chinese languages, while the translation is poor.


Overall, it provides realistic operations, suspension system, and metal gears and tracks. It's an ideal addition for those enthusiasts who have been collecting these bad boys for some time as well as for those who are just getting started.

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