Best Robot Dogs in 2017

best robot dogs

If you are a big fan of robots, then it's about time that you or your children own a top robot dog.

Robotic pets are an excellent choice for people who can't own a real dog because of health issues (such as allergies), maintenance issues (cleaning and training), and who want an excellent gift for their child or even themselves!

If you are unsure about buying your kids a real-life pup because you think they might not be able to take proper care of it, then gift them a robotic dog as it is low maintenance and comes without any troubles or hassles. So let's take a look at some of the best robot dogs in the market.

WowWee CHiP Review

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WowWee is a renowned brand that has been manufacturing high-quality robotic toys for the past few years. CHiP is one of the latest toys in line from this fantastic company that possesses high functionality and excellent features, proving to be just like a man's best friend.


CHiP by WowWee is a talented, trainable, and affectionate robotic dog that uses infrared vision for navigation. You can play with this lovable toy dog through voice commands and touch as well as the SmartBand that includes playing with the SmartBall and an app for easy functioning. With the SmartBand, you can train it to identify and follow you. Not just that, but it can also play fetch with the SmartBall and bring it back whenever you throw it.

It is an incredibly brilliant and sharp toy. It can easily sense its surroundings and whenever there is a change in its environment, it automatically adapts and changes according to it with the help of its BeaconSense system. Moreover, it features accelerometers and gyroscopes that permit it to know and understand whenever it's being pushed or picked. Another great feature is that whenever CHiP gets low on battery, it senses it and automatically returns to its charging device called the SmartBed for a quick recharge.


CHiP by WowWee is a very impressive dog. It can keep itself on for the whole day and come to you everywhere. This dog may not look like a real one, but its actions and functions will make you think otherwise. You might even forget at some points that it's just an electronic device made of chips, wires, and sensors. This remarkable dog comes alive at different times, explores stuff, and does unexpected things like a real dog. However, it is still a robot that needs more improvements. Sometimes, you'll find it banging on the wall or getting stuck underneath the table to come to you. It is surely a cool robotic dog but not the best one yet.


  • Uses touch and voice commands.
  • Automatically recharges.
  • Plays fetch games like a boss.


  • Not customizable or programmable.
  • Sometimes gets caught in congested places when coming to you.

SainSmart Jr. Smart Dog Review

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The Electronic RC Smart Dog by SainSmart Jr. is one of a kind. This incredibly smart dog is entirely remote-controlled and is designed with flexible joints, making it a perfect gift for children. This wonderful robotic pet is just like a real one and can crouch, wag its tail, grovel down, lie down, shake its head, and even pee. Moreover, it pleases its owner and apologizes to them whenever it messes up.


This cute and affectionate RC pup performs a variety of functions that allows it to be a realistic pet for kids. It features a wireless controller that permits the owner to control it from a long range of 15 meters. This remote control puppy is an ideal toy that not only appears realistic but also has several purposes, making it an intelligent dog. Apart from that, it also features unique sounds and exhibits various emotions.

Moreover, this interactive pup comes with fun modes. It uses high-end technology to perform a broad assortment of movements like forward and backward, left and right, and revert and turn over. It performs actions like crouch, dance, grovel down, lie down, pee, shake head, stretch, stand up, wag its tail, and walk. It also exhibits different emotions including anxiety, excited, pleased, and much more.

This incredibly smart toy has a built-in rechargeable battery that gets charged in no time. Also, the rechargeable model power allows this robot dog to save energy and money and protect the environment.


Taking into account that this interactive robot dog is designed mainly for children, it performs incredibly great. This remote control toy is unquestionably the right toy for your kids. The little ones can play with this for an endless amount of time and whenever its battery is drained, just recharge it with the help of a USB plug. It takes only a little time to get fully charged, so kids don't have to wait too much to play with their pup again.


  • Performs a variety of functions and movements and shows emotions.
  • Highly interactive and intelligent
  • Supports long-range control.


  • When the battery starts diminishing, it might limit some of its movements and won’t perform the tricks correctly.

Tekno Robotic Puppy with Bone & Ball

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Tekno is a well-known company that keeps enhancing and improving its products to provide customers with the best robotic toys. This puppy is an updated version of its predecessor and is more playful than before.

The Robotic Puppy with Bone and Ball expresses its moods to its owner with the help of its body language and light-up eyes, allowing users to have a great experience. You can easily read what this robotic pup is feeling by looking at its ears and eyes.


This amazing interactive puppy acts like a real-life puppy as it is highly customizable. You can simply program it the way you want and enjoy its playful activities. Moreover, this robotic dog is touch-sensitive, and you can easily interact with it through hand gestures.

Not just that, but it can perform a variety of movements and is entirely animated. It can not only turn its head, sit, and walk around your home but also wag its tail, do back flips, and move its ears up and down like a real one does.

Apart from that, it also responds to its owner's voice and to other Tekno Robots, making it a fun and highly animated dog. You can also program this cute little pet wirelessly with the help of your iPad. This toy is available in two different colors, which are blue and pink, so there's a choice for kids as they love colors.


This robotic toy excellently performs all the functions as it reacts not only to the touch but also to sight and sound. The feature that makes it more real is its ability to obey multiple remote-controlled commands. It can easily turn left and right, walk forward and backward, move its head in every direction, and wag its tail whenever it is feeling happy.

As it is a revamped version of the old robot dog by Tekno, it performs every function smoothly. Moreover, it is equipped with magnetic sensors that let it play with bone and ball.


  • Moves smoothly.
  • A variety of movements.
  • Reacts to touch, sight, and sound.


  • The app doesn't have enough features.
  • Might not follow hand signals as you'd expect.

Jenx Group Electronic Robot Puppy Review

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Jenx Group is a brand that produces the best high-end and high-quality robotic puppies. It won't be wrong to say that its Robot Interactive Puppy is one of the most advanced electronic pets available in the market right now.

This puppy reacts to almost all gestures and follows its owner around like a real puppy. It quickly recognizes voice commands and performs all the fun and interactive movements that you can expect only from an actual one.


This super-smart puppy understands its owner's voice commands, and it effortlessly recognizes and immediately obeys whatever they say. It is not just a robot but a person's true and loyal friend. It can perform multiple functions like barking, dancing, laughing, sleeping, singing, talking, and following its owner.

It may be an advanced robot dog, but it is perfect for children over the age of three as well as teenagers and adults.

This puppy's eyes are equipped with interactive LED lights that allow it to light up in different colors according to its mood and for exhibiting various emotions like happiness, love, cuteness, sad, and much more. It runs on 4 AA batteries of 1.5V. The package includes one user manual with the robotic puppy.


This smart puppy is an excellent choice for not only robot lovers but also those who can't have real pets due to health or different issues.

It is super friendly, loyal, outgoing, and sporty and obeys everything its owner utters. It possesses great voice recognition along with excellent gesture sensing.


  • Easy to use.
  • Performs tricks and exhibits emotions.
  • Perfect for kids and adults.


  • Batteries aren’t included.

Well that concludes our list of the best robot dogs. Hope you found it helpful! Be sure to look back if you have to before making a decision.

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