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Best Cr123a Battery for 2017

When you step out to purchase these batteries, you will be faced with the dilemma of which brand to buy as there are many different ones available. Therefore, it is imperative that you know the type of battery you need. Just make sure that you always check the device and the type of battery it […]

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Best Conductor Of Electricity List

conductors of electricity list

What is electrical conductivity?The ability of current to flow through any material is called electrical conductivity. Some elements, such as most metals, have high electrical conductivity, thus current can flow through them and you can get electrocuted. Other materials like wood, rubber, and paper are not good conductors. They are what you can call an […]

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Best Glow Plug Igniter For RC Cars in 2017

best glow plug igniter featured image

There are many glow plug igniters on the market. Before buying a good glow plug igniter, there are many things that one has to look into. The charging has to be easy; a charger is a better option than batteries.  How durable the device is and with what devices it is compatible with are other factors […]

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Air Swimmers Review 2017

air swimmers

Air Swimmers float in the air with unbelievably monotonous and natural movement. The Air Swimmers are huge helium balloons that are controlled by a remote. The tail fins are remote controlled and make these swimmers float in the air just like fish do in water. You can even use the remote to raise or lower […]

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Best 3s & 2s Lipo Battery 2017: Reviews Guide

best lipo batteries

The term LiPo is essentially a shortened form of lithium ion polymer. In order to understand how these batteries work, one must first try and understand how batteries work in general. So let’s get to that then well show you some of the best lipo batteries.Table Of Contents: Venom ​ Floureon​ Gens Ace​ Turnigy​ Venom 25C​ Traxxas 2872X​ Tattu 75C​ Batteries are essentially self-contained […]

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