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Best Personal Robot Assistants 2017

best personal robot assistants

How great would it be if someone or something could wake you and all of your family members up? Something which doesn’t have a snooze button? What if you could have a companion that could entertain you and the kids in your house after a tiring day? Well, with the help of personal robot assistants, you […]

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How Robots Are Helping Kids With Autism

leka robot playing with autistic child

Do you have a child or someone you know who has autism? If so, then you will be aware that autistic children find it hard to form social relationships. However, kids with autism do get better at communication and social relationships when they are provided with adequate help. Such aid includes robots which immensely assist […]

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Best Arduino Starter Kit For Beginners 2017


An Arduino starter kit can be an excellent present for children and teens who are interested in programming and robotics. For those of you who are wondering what is Arduino, it is simply an open source platform that is used for programming and building electronic projects.  These projects range from incredibly simple to extremely complicated […]

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Robot Operating Systems Impact On Robotics


Incase you didn’t know the Robot Operating System known as ROS is the industry standard open source operating system for robots. It was first developed over at Stanford University‚Äôs Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Then came in Willow’s Garage that further developed it and commercialized it. Willow’s Garage played a huge role in the development of ROS and […]

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