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Best Robots Controlled By iPhone & iPad

robotic toys controlled by smartphones

Have you heard of these awesome robots controlled by iPhones? From you’re very own smart phone and mobile app you can control these amazing robots and have so much fun. We went out and found the very best ones for you. Wether you want to control it with you’re iPhone or iPad we guarantee it […]

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Best Educational Robot Kits 2017

educational robots

Education is a priority for pretty much every parent, but the fact of the matter is that our vastly-evolving technological landscape means that there are a lot of new and improved ways to help your kids with the learning process and one of those is using educational robots. Educational robot kits are part of the new […]

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How FIRST Is Increasing Interest In Robotics For Younger Students

first inspire logo

What is FIRST? FIRST focuses on mentoring young students by engaging them in programs that focus on science, engineering and technology. Thus inspiring innovations and creating well rounded individuals who are provided with capabilities such as communication skills, confidence and leadership.First which stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology” was first started […]

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FoldiMate: The Laundry Folding Robot

foldimate robot

FoldiMate the first robot ever who can fold your clothes. Appearing in CES 2017, Foldimate CEO Gal Rozov is expecting to have a working prototype by the end of this year.  â€‹Dimensions Size: 28″x32″x31″ (71cm x 81cm x 79cm) which is the average dimension size of a washer or dryer. The way it works is the […]

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