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Top Drone Websites On The Internet 2017

With so many drone resources out there we decided to create a massive blog post that details all types of drone websites. 

Wether you're looking at drone podcast, tutorials on how to fly or reviews we have managed to create this massive blog post to help you find the drone websites you're looking for. See more about drones in our drones for fishing post. Do take note that some of these blogs can fit into multiple categories. 

We didn't follow any particular order we just added them in the order that they were ​found. Congrats to everyone that was included in the list. Feel free to add the logo below to your website to show off your proud badge:

RCJudge - Best Drone Website RoundUp

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Perhaps the first website ever about drones. My first drone has grown to be one of the biggest websites in the drone niche. It's composed of huge thousand word guides on finding the top drones and diy projects.

​Korey is one of the most knowledgable people on drones ever. If you have anything you want to learn about drones then I guarantee you Korey will have a topic talking about it.

droneSim Pro

drone sim pro logo

Drone Sim Pro is one of the best drone simulators available on the market. You can easily learn how to fly any drone. You don't have to worry about what the weather is or wether your drone battery is going to run out with this simulator. They have a a good selection of scenarios ranging from house fire, open field all the way to obstacle course! Be sure to check them out.

Commercial UAV Show

It's one of Europes largest UAV show's with hundreds of companies from around the globe coming together. You will hear speakers from top companies such as Facebook, Yuneec and much more. Learn about all the latest news, regulations and technology here. Go check it out this November. 


Airvuz is a website dedicated to pure drone videos. They get all types of videos from their users and they even create some their own. If you visit their homepage they currently have an awesome video on a drone flying over South Korea in preparation for the Winter Olympics.

​This is just one of the many awesome drone videos they have. If you're a aerial photography enthusiast then you will love this website. Definitely one of the biggest drone video websites in the industry.

As stated by the website - "​A quest toward the perfect quadcopter or multirotor for aerial video and personal flying freedom"

It's been on the internet since 2013 and it's definitely one of the top websites to stay updated with drone news. P.S Check out there press releases section!​

One of the top drone conferences in the world. Anyone will enjoy it wether you're a drone business owner, photographer or just a general enthusiast. 

Get together with people from all over the world to learn and talk about one of the most exciting industries. It's 3 technical conferences in one!


As drone regulations start becoming more serious find out all you need to know at this amazing event! Find out about all the latest drone technologies, knowledge on applications and the top practices to help you get started in the drone industry. 

drones oman event


Definitely one of my favorite drone news related websites. You can get all the newest information on drones. Ranging from laws to business.

If you're on there email list you get a daily email on the latest drone news. Be sure to subscribe so you have something to read every morning!​

A drone websites where you can learn all about the latest rc drones. David goes into highly detailed drone reviews to help you find you're next favorite drone. 

Apart from reviews he does a great job at going into detail about other things you should know about drones such as the battery life, the latest news, the top flight controllers and much more. Be sure to check out his blog for useful drone information.

An awesome expo who's main focus is bringing global companies in the Unmanned Systems industry with customers.

A lot of different type of people attend it ranging from high executives, customers, government workers and university professors. It's an awesome event that you have to attend!​

An awesome drone event which features some of the top speakers from leaders in the drone industry, robotics and unmanned systems. Go learn about the great educational opportunities that AUVSI XPonential offers. 

All types of people from different industries will be present such as oil and gas, automated vehicles, cinematography and much more!

sUAS News

The leading news and information source for UAV. It was created by pilots and experts in the unmanned aviation industry. They have top notch news articles ranging from every topic in the industry from legal to safety to jobs and much more. Be sure to check them out and sing up for they're daily email.

Kids Drone

Kids Drone Zone focuses on educating everyone from adults to kids about the Drones and UVS industry. 

It first started in 2015, and has been gaining massive popularity since then. They host the Global Drone Film Festival every year so if you're a drone photographer, videographer or film maker be sure to attend for a chance at winning some awesome prizes!

Toms Tech Time

Toms Tech Time is definitely one of the most interesting drone blog's ive ever read. Apart from doing a great job at displaying his persona the website is beautifully designed. 

He has top notch tutorials to learn about videography and goes into great detail when reviewing drones. Be sure to check out his blog.


An upcoming drone blog which talks about news, reviews and how to guides. These articles are very well detailed and Anthony knows exactly what he is talking about.

If you want to start a project and learn DIY drone related projects than you will definitely want to check out that flying thing.​


Almost everyone has heard of dronestagram by now. Basically given by it's name it's like an instagram but purely for drone photography. 

You can see drone pictures from all over the world and videos too. ​They also have special events and always have some type of contest going on. If you're into drone photography you will love this site.

Drone Coalition

Drone coalition is a massive publication website made up of experts. There are experts from every part of the drone industry ranging from racing, agriculture to videography and much more. 


Iain Butler, perhaps one of the most recognizable bloggers in the drone industry. In his blog he writes about how the technological development in the UAV industry.

You can find out about the latest drone news and applications by visiting his blog. 

Drone Definition

Drone definition truly stands out as a drone blog. It provides all type of drone news even including military drones. 

You get all types of different perspectives. They have an incredible beginners guide about drones so you can learn everything you need to know. Learn all the drones laws and the best type of drones to start off.

Drone Law

Small UAV Coalition

Small UAV Coalition is a partnership between consumers and technological companies which advocate for drone laws that are in favor of the UAV industry to help it grow.

They are working with law creators to hopefully help push UAV's into the national air space.

Drone Law Blogs

Jeffrey Antonelli is an excellent lawyer in drone law. He does an incredible job at blogging about the laws in the UAV industry. He runs a law firm so be sure to check him out incase you have any legal problems.

Drone Photography

Hi Fly Photography

A team of marketers that help you find clients in your area. While not exactly focusing on the photography part of it more at the marketing side of the drone business there an excellent resource for those in the drone photography business.

Not everyone get's to join so you know they're working with the best of the best. ​


Drone 55 provides drone services in aerial photography, videography and data collection. 

Be sure to read their blog to check out the awesome videography they have. They even have some of the photography featured in the LA Times. 


Justin, although he claims himself as a student of drone photography he seems more like an expert at it. He helps others get started in it. His blog post do an excellent job at showing you what you need to know about drone photography and videography. 

Southern Oregon Drone

Oregon drone is one of the top drone companies in Oregon. They operate in many regions. They have some top clients and they are trust worthy be sure to check them out. Be sure to check out some of they're videos, they get some amazing views!

Drone Research

Drone Analyst

Drone analist is a research firm focusing on the UAS industry. They provide helpful information backed by research to those who are looking to get into the drone industry.

Wether it's investors, manufacturers or buyers. Be sure to check them out. 


Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International.  The worlds largest organization to help advance the UAV community. Their blog gives you excellent articles on what's currently going on in the market. 

Drone Journalism Lab

This website is run by a professor at Nebraska University. Professor Mat Waite blogs about the ability to use drones for journalism. He has very interesting information and research on how using drones could improve reporting. It's a highly detailed website and excellent for those looking to get top notch information on this topic.

Roundup - Center For The Study Of Drone

Created by Bart College, this center of study is dedicated to studying and learning all about drones. They have weekly roundups where they share the latest stories in the drone industry. They conduct interviews with experts in the field and they have reputable publications as well.

Drone Business


UAVCoach arguably one of the biggest drone websites on the internet. They literally bring you everything. Ranging from drone reviews to drone courses in just about anything. You can also find the latest drone news and one of the most active drone forums out there.


Air Vid is a directory that helps connect people who are looking to hire pilots for videography, real estate or mapping and many more things. They do an excellent job at keeping you up to date with regulations in the drone business market.


Looking for a career in the drone industry? DroneTrainingHQ is the place to go to. They have a nice clickable map which helps you find jobs in the state you're looking for. The diversity of jobs is excellent ranging from pilots to videographers.

Drone Reviews

Drone Supremacy

An up and coming drone blog they have excellent drone reviews. Wether you're looking around for drones under 500, or drones with cameras they're helpful buyer guides can help you out. They also talk about new drones in the market so they keep you up to date.

Drone Flyers

Drone flyers do a great job providing in depth article. They also have one of the most popular forums every on drones. Be sure to check some of there top quality photographs and aerial videos.

Drone Supremacy

The ultimate place for useful information about drones. The drone supremacy is an authoritative drone blog with excellent drone reviews and buyer guides. Started of by Mihail who is very passionate about drones. 

Drone Lifestyle

Started off by 3 students, drone lifestyle has grown into one of the biggest drone reviews website on the internet. You can go check them out for tips on drone photography and massive review guides on finding the best quadcopters.

7 Best Drone Podcasts

Wether you're just a beginner or a drone enthusiast, drone podcast can be entertaining for just about anyone.

You can learn a lot just listening to these podcast wether you own a drone business, a pilot or just someone looking to get started. There are many types of interesting drone podcast, ranging from how to improve your flying skills all the way to ​drone law.

UAV Digest​

The UAV Digest is probably one of the most popular podcast on the internet right now. With it's very first episode having aired in 2013 it has grown immensely since then.

They do a great job at informing the public of all the latest tech advancements in drones. They also talk a lot about drone research.

If you're a person who loves drone technology you will fall in love with this podcast.

Who is it for?

I would say this drone podcast is for pretty much for everyone.

  • Beginners looking to learn​
  • Professionals with drone businesses
  • Drone builders
  • Drone pilots

and many more!

Drone Radio Show

As mentioned on the front page of the website. It's a drone podcast for those who use drones for any specific reason such as business, flying and research.

Randy Goers is the main lead and he knows exactly what he is talking about. You can learn a lot by listening to his podcast. It has a lot of different people talking about how they use drones in their every day lives.

It was first launched in 2015. Randy does a great job at categorizing the podcast. Some of the categories include photography, jobs, economic, business and much more.

Ask Drone U

Ask Drone U is one of the most interesting drone podcast out there. They have a daily podcast where they answer one question that was given by the community.

This is truly what I like so much about their podcast. They're extremely helpful to their community.

The topics range from pretty much anything. You can ask them from things such as cameras, videography, business and much more.

sUAS News

Having started off in 2012 and now having more than 100+ episodes it's definitely one of the oldest podcast that is still active today.

This is definitely one of the top podcast for those who pilot drones and those who business rely on drones. Patrick Egan is the current host of the show and knows exactly what he is talking about.

They are truly one of the leading news sources for information on UAV's. They are composed of UAS pilots and professionals.


​Dronevibes started off in 2014. So far it has more than 100+ episodes each lasting around 30 minutes. They tend to have around 2 episodes a week.

They pretty much hit on every single drone topic you can think of ranging from business, law all the way to drone flying tips. ​

It's a really popular drone podcast among professionals in the drone industry and drone pilots. ​


Just having been recently launched in 2016. Jimmy Housen, the current host gives us his expert opinion on the latest drone trends and news.

So far they have more than 20+ episodes and each episode tends to last around 20 to 30 minutes.

Apart from there podcast, they have excellent articles to keep you up to date with what's going on in the drone world. ​


As given by the name, this podcast focuses on drone law in particular. The host Steven Hogan is a lawyer who has worked with many drone companies before.

Steven reviews cases, and interviews drone pilots and other lawyers. He basically explains the lawsuits in a language that anyone can understand. Highly recommend checking it out if you have a business that relies on drones or you're just genuinely curios on drone law.

Have any questions in regarding about something specific you want to know? You can ask Steven questions. Go check out this blog.​

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