Drones Powered By Hydrogen Fuel Cells

For those who have been keeping up with news on drones. You might have already seen talks about how drones will be used for delivery and all sorts of other stuff. Well one of the most common problems in business side of drones is that they tend to have a short battery life. A solution for that problem might have bee found.

Intelligent Energy Drone

Intelligent Energy

A company known as Intelligent Energy has collaborated with a drone manufacturer to create a drone powered by hydrogen fuel which would allow it to stay in the air for up to two hours. Having signed a letter of intent it's the real deal. This can prove to be revolutionary in the drone technology industry having solved one of the most common problems.

According to Intelligent Energy fuel cell can triple or even quadruple the flying time of drones. Apart from this recharging them would only take a matter of minutes where as before it can take up to hours to recharge drones. ‚ÄčThe only thing with this is that finding hydrogen might not be as easy as just simply plugin it into recharge.

The way it works is that ‚Äčthe hydrogen fuel cell creates it's own electricity which is then used to charge a battery. So in a sort of way the drone is actually charging itself. For the past year or so the company has been testing extensively. Although the average consumer shouldn't be expecting to fly drones with fuel cells just yet as they first are launching them into the industry. If it proves to be successful then you might be able to get your hands on one of these soon.

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