Ehang: Your Very Own Drone Taxi

There seems to be a UBER for everything and very soon Dubai will have it's own drones that can fly you over they're city.

A Chinese drone manufacturer known as Ehang has developed a passenger drone known as the 184. It was first presented at the CES conference. With just a single charger this drone taxi can fly up to 30 miles and carry one person up to 220 pounds!

How Does It Work?

Iā€‹t's quite simple actually. As a passenger you really don't need any training other than knowing how to use the drones GPS to take you wherever you want to go, the command center will take care of the rest.


If you're feeling a little uneasy be assured it's being extensively tested in China. At any time during the flight if the drone detects any malfunctions or emergency a live pilot will be ready to assist you and take control over the drone which will allow you to be safely transported to the ground.

Dubai is currently the only city where the 184 will be currently operating. So far it's been cleared to test in Nevada however it's not allowed to carry any passengers until approved by the Federal Aviation Authority. ā€‹

In a recent interview the CEO of Ehang mentioned that he was in talk's with the Federal Aviation Authority and that the FAA was very supportive. So don't hold off, you might be seeing these drones in the U.S within a couple of years.

As of now we don't know much about the price of the actual drone but it is estimated that it might cost anywhere from ā€‹$200,000 to $300,000.

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