How FIRST Is Increasing Interest In Robotics For Younger Students

What is FIRST?

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FIRST focuses on mentoring young students by engaging them in programs that focus on science, engineering and technology. Thus inspiring innovations and creating well rounded individuals who are provided with capabilities such as communication skills, confidence and leadership.

First which stands for "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology" was first started in 1989 with a goal to inspire people to be more active in the science and technology fields. Since it's creation it has done an amazing job at leading young people into STEM fields with it's robotic competitions. It's responsible for hundreds of engineering and science graduates who first became interested in those fields thanks to FIRST.

What Does It Do?

FIRST holds yearly robotic competitions all throughout schools in the U.S. Here students from different schools, backgrounds, ethnicities have a chance to compete. Learn how Karin Fisher first launched FIRST program at her son's school and got help from professional mentors from a nearby FIRST team.

See this infographic to see the impact that FIRST has on younger students:

first impact infographic

Source: firstinspires

As you can see those who have participated in the FIRST program are 2x more like to major in science or engineering. The FIRST program creates technology competent students who are highly motivated to go and take on difficult challenges, go to college, and do better in school.

FIRST provides many benefits for the students. ​It's more than just robots as we can see up above they improve on their communication, problem-solving and time management skills. With the program reaching up to 400,000 students each year it's became a very influential program which will have a huge impact on current and future generations. 

See how FIRST Robotics motivated Giselle to stay in school. As you can see this program has already had a huge impact on others and will continue doing so for a very long time.

​How to Get Involved?

You can become a volunteer very easily. NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED.

You can be a mentor or coach or an event volunteer. FIRST is a diverse community of like minded adults who want to help future generations. It doesn't just changes their life it can change you're life as well. 

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