FoldiMate: The Laundry Folding Robot

foldimate robot

FoldiMate the first robot ever who can fold your clothes. Appearing in CES 2017, Foldimate CEO Gal Rozov is expecting to have a working prototype by the end of this year. 

Dimensions Size: 28"x32"x31" (71cm x 81cm x 79cm) which is the average dimension size of a washer or dryer.

The way it works is the person operating it hangs the clothes onto the two hooks on the robot. Then the robot takes care of the rest. It pulls in the clothes and a series of rollers fold and straighten out the clothes which are then promptly delivered out.

If you're planning on using it for shirts with buttons you do have to button them up first. FoldiMate will fold towels but not large items or beach towels. Socks are too small to fold yet. As there is still a lot of testing being done it will be very interesting​ to see what the final product looks like or all the possible things it can do.

FoldiMate will have optional de-wrinkling. They are working on this technology to remove wrinkles. Estimated prices of FoldiMate Family™ ~$700-$850 De Wrinkling ~$200-$300 Capsules ~$15-$40.

laundry robot
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