The Future Of RC Technology

This is the winning post submitted by Manuel Angel from UWM. 

Haivng been around rc toys since I was a small child iv'e seen the massive increase in rc technology growing up. From the old models to the news ones they’re has been a huge explosion in the technology that goes into them. As tech increases the technology behind rc cars, trucks and helicopters will continue to expand. With big advances in robotics, and FPV systems these two features are bound to blend with remote control gadgets. While in the past many of these rc toys we’re expensive and difficult to use their rise in popularity has made other companies take action and make them beginner friendly while reducing cost. This competition between companies also forces them to become innovative so they’re not left behind which gives us an expectation of what is to come. 

Recently we’ve seen the rise of hybrid rc toys. I believe that this trend will continue till the day comes when eventually any remote control car can turn into an rc helicopter at the touch of a button. As of now we have to settle for being able to turn it into a boat as we can see with the Air Hogs Thunder Trax and the Amphibian Vehicle by Fun Little Toys. Some day you'll no longer be deterred by the weather nor by the terrain. Wether you want to use it for the water or wan’t to take it for some rock climbing adventures, even if it’s during the winter or in the desert you’ll be able to use your gadget anywhere. As more and more companies continue to follow this trend the demand will increase and they will be forced to become versatile or lose out to the competition.

Those familiar with rc technology are most likely also familiar with drones. In my eyes the close cousin of the radio control toy. If you’re a fan of drones then you most likely have heard of FPV (first person view). Drone racing has become so popular that ESPN picked up a drone racing league to feature on it's channel. By now i’m sure other companies have taken notice and it won’t be long till rc gadgets get their own type of FPV headsets specifically designed for them. Of course they will need a very specialized camera developed so it doesn’t weight them down to much. This has the possibility to completely change rc car racing as we know it. We've already seen some technological advances in rc racing but now the changes we might see will be more external with rc cars no longer being bounded to the sights of they’re drivers and now being able to travel as far as the signal reaches we can see a completely different race course. Perhaps a lot bigger and with certain obstacles. New leagues can be created and a new breed of rc racers will come. There is no need to just stop at rc cars either, perhaps rc airplanes would be more suited for it at first. The options are unlimited.

Going off the rc racing industry, big data is going to come into play. Tweaking and getting maximum performance out of your rc car is very important when it comes to racing. Now let’s say companies decide to increase sensors in your gadget which in turn can tell you all the data you need to improve the running time, turns,  and acceleration to get the very best improvement in speed. They're has already been some companies focusing on this however not to a great extent. I think companies will eventually focus more on this and allow drivers to receiving massive amounts of feedback to improve their skills. When one company in the rc industry creates this others will be forced to since in rc racing, the little things do add up!

RC technology will become a lot safer to use for you and the gadget. We’ve heard the horror stories about the damages that can be caused when a Li Po battery is left charging to long. Currently rc technology isn’t as unsafe as some people believe, just a couple years ago it was very easy to melt your battery if you left it charging to long. With the advancement and safety precaution placed in rc technology some of the chargers give you exact details and even have safety mechanisms incase the battery gets to hot. We've seen great improvements from past technologies and I do believe we will continue seeing it. While crashes when using your rc helicopters and rc airplanes are sometimes inevitable one day they're might be an automatic emergency landing system which activates when the gadget detects trouble. For cars they're might even be a sensor that detects when it's about to crash and automatically stops the car. We've seen this with real cars so how long will it take till we see it implemented in rc toys. 

In conclusion, there are many changes that we will eventually see in the rc industry. As soon as just one company implements one of these changes others will be forced to as well. The future is bright for rc cars, rc helicopters, rc boats and rc trucks and maybe even one day these will all just be one single gadget. Innovation is inevitable in the rc industry and companies must either adapt or get left behind. 

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