Best Home Security Robots 2017

Have you ever felt paranoid when you leave for vacations? After all, an empty house is an open invitation to burglars. Even a simple act like going out every day to work requires a long routine of ensuring all the doors are locked and all alarms functional. Come in home security robots.

As this technology is gaining momentum, an abundance of robots is now flooding the market. It is easy to get overwhelmed when faced with such an array of choices. Therefore, we are here to list five home security robots which will be worth your money.

Best Home Security Robots List:

1. RoboteX Avatar III Review - Security Robot

robotex security guard

The Avatar III Robot looks like a fighter tank. Such a classy design allows it to resonate with customers who crave for things to be appealing while performing their functions. However, commonly, this product is used by security personnel to inspect a crime scene.

The product is marked by easy setup which makes this a convenient choice for users. All you need to do is install a control software on your PC or MAC, and you can successfully use the product for long-range surveillance. You can also use Wi-Fi network for on-site managing.

There are certain features which set this product apart from all the other security robots. Such characteristics include the fact that this product can climb stairs and operate on wet floors, carpets, rugged landscape, and concrete. Its ability to do so ensure that the device provides foolproof security.

The product is also equipped with an infrared night vision. Such a view allows this product to be of use regardless of the time of the day. The robustness of its components along with the portability of the product owing to its light weight makes this product one of the best security robots for professional use.

2. iPATROL Riley Review- Home Security Robot Dog

ipatrol riley review

Riley will prove to be a trusted companion in your life. Whether it is being your eyes when you are gone or ensuring that you locked the door, Riley will always have your back. It is equipped with some features which guarantee that your house is secured. The product uses Wi-Fi connectivity to transmit video and audio to your smartphones so that you can check on your house and loved ones. The video delivered is HD in nature and is taken from a 5-megapixel camera. Such a high-quality camera ensures that you are provided with crisp visuals. Moreover, the audio of the robot is two-way and allows you to hear low voices and sounds with ease.

Do you worry about your house when you are out of town? Or when you are at a late-night party? With the help of Riley, you can bid such concerns farewell since this device is equipped with night vision. This feature allows the product to monitor your house in the darkness as well as in light. The night vision is achieved via the addition of a built-in night light in the robot. All these features combined means that Riley is well-equipped to take care of your house 24/7.

The security offered is further enhanced by the addition of a motion detector. This motion sensor alerts you of any lurkers and intruders as soon as the device detects any movement. By sending a notification to you on your smartphone, the device ensures that you are aware of everything that happens in your house.

Furthermore, you don't need to worry about charging the device since the product is accompanied by a self-charging dock to whom the product returns when low on charge.

3. Angee Home Security

Angee knows and sees everything. While it may sound spooky, this characteristic is perfect to make sure your house is secure with or without your presence.

angee home security

Angee is a fully automated and personalized home security device which is both aesthetically pleasing and a helpful companion. The fact that the technology is comparatively easier to use than other similar products has added to the convenience of owning the product.

One may describe Angee as a wizard. After all, how else can it know when you enter and leave the house? The intelligent technology used in the product allows it to detect your presence. It automatically switches into security mode when you leave.

By using sensors to detect motion within the perimeter of the house, Angee succeeds in securing not only the room it is in but the entire house. One may wonder, do such measures mean that the product will go off when you come back after a long day or when it hears your voice? The answer to this is no. A two-step authentication process accompanies the product which allows Angee to recognize your voice and face.

When the 10 hours’ worth of battery life is thrown into the mix, Angee comes off as the holistic solution to all your problems.

4. Orbii Monitoring System

Who could have imagined that a white ball could prove to be of such help in providing security to your house? This is what Orbii does.

The device is equipped with an HD camera and various environmental sensors which allow you to monitor your house via your smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is place the round device onto the charging base and connect it to Wi-Fi. The best part about this product is that it learns and gets smarter the more you use it. It is because it becomes accustomed to the environment of your house and tailors itself accordingly.


Since the product provides you with live streaming video and audio, you can count on it to patrol your house and ensure that you are well-informed about the happenings in your home. It also allows you to monitor your beloved pet or virtually babysit your children when you are out running errands.

Various advanced systems accompany the product which ensures that you feel safe. Orbii is equipped with carbon monoxide sensors, a motion detection system, and sound sensors. Moreover, when a lot of these sensors are tripped, Orbii automatically alerts a pre-decided phone number of the happenings. Even if you leave your house without locking the door, Orbii will send you a notification about it as soon as it detects it. Together, such features make sure that you are well-equipped to deal with the worst possible scenario.

5. Boddenly Baby Monitor Tank Car

How cool would it be if your security robot assumed the role of an object which is aesthetically pleasing? If you think you will like such designs, you will appreciate the Boddenly security robot which is a tank car with a camera.

If you are looking for a burglarproof security system, this may not be it. However, this product is perfect for monitoring your baby or pet. While it does not detect motion or unlocked doors, this product succeeds in delivering a robot through which you could not only take care of your loved ones but also communicate with them via the two-way audio system.

The device can be controlled via your smartphone which you can use to steer forward, backward, right and left as well as turn around. Not only can you live stream, but you can also take photos. The fact that the product can be operated via iPhones as well as Android phones has allowed this device to cater to the masses.

The convenience of the product is enhanced by the fact that it can be charged wirelessly and, therefore, can operate while charging. All in all, it is a convenient option if you wish to babysit your pet or children without having to be physically present.

Final Thoughts

With the invention of home security robots, securing your house has become a much easier task than before. These robots not only allow you to carry your home wherever you go with their 360-degree camera view, but they also detect motion, thereby alarming you about possible intruders on your property.

All in all, any of the home security robots mentioned above can be dubbed to be the best robot available. Each of them succeeds in making sure that your house or property is as safe as possible. They allow you to monitor your pets and children and make sure you don't come back to a demolished house.

In the fast-paced world we live in, the invention of such devices have proved to be of immense help. Getting yourself any of the mentioned items will relieve you of the security concerns and worries you are plagued with. Secure your house and be safe.

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