How To Make RC Car Faster

Speed is thrilling, and making our monster rc car go faster is more than just a dream for many of us. If you are a lover of radio-controlled trucks and wish to take the vehicle to its best speed, then you're at the right place. This article is an attempt to make your wish come true by guiding you on making your RC truck faster.

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Ways To Make RC Car/Truck Faster

1. Motor Timing

With an increase in motor timing, there is a growth in RPM that will yield greater speed. Brushed motors show more significant results in comparison to brushless motors that show subtle results. However, both cases show a positive gain in speed. Just keep an eye on the motor temperature and do not let it exceed 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Altering the Gear Ratio

You are in for a surprise by the increase in the speed by changing the gear ratio. Add a larger pinion, a small metal gear, for improved speed. It will notably improve the motor and speed control.

Similarly, by swapping a spur gear (a large plastic gear) with a smaller size, you can gain more speed. For maximum results, change both the gears.

3. Changing the Tires

There is no denying that tires are essential features to take into consideration. The smoother the tire is on a particular surface, the more the grip and hence, you can make the most of the power available to you.

Select your tire according to the surface you ride your radio-controlled truck on. For example, fully spiked tires work best on wet mud and grass.

Also, use larger diameter tires for your truck. Make sure the new set of tires has a better grip as all the speed pursuit would go down the drain without a good grip.

4. Cutting Down the Weight

Well, this one sounds like common sense. Making your RC truck faster can easily be achieved by keeping it light. You can reduce the burden by replacing heavy parts with graphite, aluminum parts, light carbon, lightweight body, and wheels.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the lighter weight can cause the truck to lose traction. To avoid that problem, add a little weight to the front of the vehicle so that it does not flip over at high speeds.

5. Higher Voltage Battery

Change the battery if you are serious about the killer speed that would raise goose bumps on any passersby or win any race you enter your RC truck for. Switch from 2S (2 cell) LiPo to 3S (3 cell) LiPo. The jump will be from 7.4 volts to 11.1 volts and will increase the speed by 25 mph. Make sure your truck can digest the new voltage or else you will end up at a repair shop.

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