Best Robots Controlled By iPhone & iPad

Have you heard of these awesome robots controlled by iPhones? From you're very own smart phone and mobile app you can control these amazing robots and have so much fun. We went out and found the very best ones for you. Wether you want to control it with you're iPhone or iPad we guarantee it will be a lot of fun.

Best Robots Controlled By iPhone

There is an array of iPhone robots controlled by apps available on the market. Here are some of the best products which are bound to brighten up your day.

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 

app controlled bot sphero

Are you a major Star Wars fan? If so, you will appreciate the design as well as the overall function of this robot controlled by iPhone.

BB-8 features movements and a personality that is human-like and authentic. The droid learns from your interactions and improves its ability to show a range of expressions based on your voice commands. You can either choose to guide your companion or let it be and observe it as it operates autonomously.

The manufacturers of the product have enhanced the robot’s durability by making its exterior to be resistant to wear and tear. Such a characteristic is achieved by the polycarbonate material of the shell.

You can operate the droid with ease with the help of your iPhone and Android phones. The app allows for adjusting the personality of the bot according to the usage and offers you the capability to train your robot as well as record and view holographic recordings.

The product has a 60-minute battery life after which it requires recharging. With a 30-meter operating range and a Bluetooth connectivity feature, this product is the ultimate device for all Star Wars lovers.

Sphero 2.0

app controlled robot ball sphero 2.0

Gone are the days when you only had a football to entertain you. Now that consumers are more inclined toward incorporating technology in every act so as to achieve better results, Sphero 2.0 has proved to be a success amongst kids and adults alike.

Sphero 2.0 is a robot ball which has the power to travel a maximum distance of seven feet per second. Since an app controls the product, you are not required to do any physical exertion. The ball comes in a polycarbonate shell which can withstand high impact, thus making the product durable.

With the help of this robot ball, you can now turn the real world into a video game. The package includes two ramps which allow you to make an obstacle course and have fun. Moreover, the 30 free apps that can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store allow you to use the robot ball to play various games within the range of 100 feet.

All in all, this product allows you to bring multiple arcade games to life and is bound to keep you satisfied.

WowWee - MiP 

wowwee mip

Do you wish for a product which you entire family can enjoy? If so, MiP is the perfect companion for you. Not only can you use this toy robot to play various games but it also detects sounds and reacts accordingly giving a humanistic feel.

The product is equipped with a GestureSense system which allows it to respond as well as operate based on gestures like clapping, touching, and swiping. Moreover, with the help of its Bluetooth connectivity, this product can connect as well as interact with your devices.

The product’s app provides an extensive range of gameplay as well as a platform for you to control the robot’s movement. Not only can MiP carry its weight, but it can also detect sounds and react to the environment as per the need of the situation. Furthermore, if you have more than one of such toys or have friends who do, you can battle with other MiP robot toys and see who emerges victorious.

All in all, this robotic toy is ideal for those who require a break from their monotonous everyday routine.

Sphero Ollie 

sphero ollie robot

There was once a time when you could only use remote control cars to satisfy your desire of racing. However, with the release of this product, you can now have a robot which can race as well be used for various other games.

This robot, like most of Sphero’s products, is accompanied with a polycarbonate shell to make it resistant to the rough handling it is bound to receive. Ollie can be used for challenging your friends to race. It can travel up to 6.3 m/s, which is a far greater speed than any other remote racing car.

The tires of the robot are such that they can withstand any terrain. You can control the movements of the robot with your iPhone while also directing other features like glowing LED and turning radius etc.

Use Ollie to do various tricks. Use this product to interact with the environment while enjoying the various perks this technology succeeds in providing.

WowWee RoboMe 

wowwee robotme

How great would it be if a robot could have a customized personality? What if you could hold a full-fledged conversation with it? Such features are what RoboMe succeeds in delivering.

This robot uses the power of your phone as it entertains you with its personality. It can recognize your voice as well as your face and can adjust its responses accordingly. Such speech synthesis and voice recognition have allowed this product to feel more human-like than other similar products on the market.

The weight of the robot is 0.5 pounds which enables it to be portable and hence convenient. The robot is said to be appropriate for all above the age of six and can be controlled effectively via iPod Touch or iPhones.

If you value creativity and distinctiveness, you will appreciate the features WowWee RoboMe has to offer.

Skyrocket Toys - Mebo Robot

Mebo Robot

Mebo Robot differs from other robots regarding its ability to grasp objects and bring them to you. Such a sight is exciting to see as well as it is a very helpful act. Such a feature is achieved via the five precision points in the construction of the product which allow the robot to spin 360 degrees, lift, and carry anything you order it to bring to you.

You can control Mebo via your iPhone or iPad. Unlike other products, there is no range for control. You can monitor and direct the device without being on the same premises as the product is. Mebo is equipped with wheels which can operate on all types of terrains, thereby insuring that it can go anywhere you want it to go.

You can become Mebo's eyes and voice by streaming live videos through your phone and using the microphone in your device.

Mebo is the ultimate companion for your adventures. Make sure you give it a try.

Braha iCon Robot

Braha iCon Robot

This robot bears an uncanny resemblance to the transformer robots. You can use iCon to battle with other similar products, further enhancing the similarity.

You can control this robot via your iPhone or iPad tablet within a radius of 90 feet. Such a range is enough to insure that you do not lose sight of the robot and yet have a fun adventure. Unlike other robots, iCon can fly. It is dubbed a “flying robot” by many.

The gyroscopes built in the product allow it to enjoy a steady and stable flight high in the sky. You can also see the world through your robot’s eyes by recording a video or live streaming amidst the mission.

This product is ideal for those above the age of 10. Whether you are battling it out with a fellow iCon or exploring the world that surrounds you, this device will make sure that you have fun.

All in all, these robots controlled by iphones are awesome. You may choose any of them depending on your preference for distinct features that each apple device provides. Each of these devices stands out from the crowd due to the value-added features that it offers. Picking any of them will yield satisfactory results.

Regardless of which product you choose, make sure you use it to curb boredom and monotony. Do not let your dull life engulf you. Make sure you surround yourself with the things that bring you joy. Embark on adventures. Enjoy the wonders of living in a digitalized world. Live well and enjoy your new ipad or iphone controlled robot

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