Best Personal Robot Assistants 2017

How great would it be if someone or something could wake you and all of your family members up? Something which doesn't have a snooze button? What if you could have a companion that could entertain you and the kids in your house after a tiring day? Well, with the help of personal robot assistants, you can achieve all these tasks

Thanks to the technological development we have witnessed, we are now provided with robots which can perform an array of features. Are you looking for one such robot? Here is a list of personal robots which are thought to be the best amongst all other choices on the market.

Best Personal Robot Assistants List:

Kuri The Home Assistant Robot

Kuri is the adorable companion we all need. Not only is this product helpful when it comes to performing various house chores, but it will also brighten up your day with its personality.

kuri robot

The robot is made in a way which helps bring out a human-like dynamic character in Kuri. It is also equipped with capacitive touch sensors. If you tap on its head, it will look up at you and make an affirmative sound. Such a personal response helps create a bond with the robot.

Moreover, the robot assistant is accompanied with smart intelligence, which allows it to avoid furniture and obstacles when moving. It also learns the house plan of your house and remembers where different rooms are and who occupies them. This feature is aided by facial and sound detection. Moreover, Kuri can take photos and live stream your house, thereby ensuring that you can monitor the happenings in your home even when you are not there.

The fact that it can entertain you, alarm you when it hears a loud sound, and connect with your phone has allowed this product to be one of the best available.

Autonomous Personal Robot

This robot can connect to various other technological features in your house like connected devices, locks, light switches, thermostats and fitness trackers. Therefore, you can use it to perform various tasks like adjusting the temperature and opening doors.

autonomous personal robot

It understands your needs better than anyone else. It can be used to call a cab and order food. Moreover, it takes a picture of you whenever you pose without you having to opt for a particular setting. While other robots merely respond to you as per the automated responses they are programmed with, this product is equipped with artificial intelligence which allows it to tap into your emotions and provide an appropriate response and learn from each conversation.

This product is the helper you need. It reminds you of your appointments and takes care of your needs without you asking it to. Such value-added features make this product worth the money it costs.

Buddy by Blue Frog Robotics

Buddy is the perfect robot companion for your family. Not only does it have an incredibly cute face, but it performs various functions which make your life better. The product is multifunctional in nature. It can be a great source of help in the kitchen, entertain you whenever you need by playing podcasts and music, be the alarm clock when you need it to be and, most importantly, it can be used as a guardian of your house.

buddy robot

With the help of this personal assistant robot, you don't need to worry when you leave your house. You can monitor your house with its patrolling feature, which offers a live video of your home. Furthermore, Buddy can detect unusual activities and alarm you when necessary.

You can also use it to take care of elders. This feature can be achieved via the fall detection and medication reminders. All in all, it is the robot everyone needs.


How great would it be if your personal robot was intelligent enough to form meaningful relationships with the members of your family? This is what Jibo succeeds in doing. Every time it interacts with someone, it learns and understands more about them, which helps the product tailor its functions and responses accordingly.

Want your children to be provided with original bedtime stories? You can count on Jibo to take care of that too. Not only does it perform tasks you ask it to, but it also acts spontaneously, asking a question or telling a joke as you walk in. This surprise element is what makes it more fun.

All in all, this assistant robot is starkly different from any other device on the market. Its manufacturers endorse these differences as the reason why you should invest in the product.


Aido is a social personal robot which means that not only does it help around with an array of tasks, but it also ensures that you are entertained and have regular social interactions, even if it is only with a robot.

aido assistant robot

It can act as a projector and speaker when needed. Want to watch a movie? All you need to do is tell the name of the film to Aido and then sit back and enjoy. The product is equipped with various sensors, which ensure your house is protected when you are gone. Not only does it provide you with live coverage of your home by connecting to your device, but it also patrols the house, ready to detect any anomalies.

If you have children, you can use the robot assistant to teach them various concepts. Not only is Aido equipped with the required information, but it can also use graphics to make its point.

Zenbo by Asus

This assistant robot is powered by artificial intelligence which allows it to adapt to the different personalities and preferences of the people it is exposed to. Such a feature is aided by the facial and sound recognition system that accompanies Zenbo, which allows it to remember and recognize individuals.


Not only can the product express an array of emotions, but it can also remind you about your meetings and appointments via its audible voice. Furthermore, the product is equipped with a built-in stereo which allows you to enjoy music or have a small party in your house without having to buy separate speakers.

It is the perfect companion for elders. Not only does it remind them of their medications, but it also warns other family members when the elders of the house need help.

Ending thoughts - Overall, all of these personal robots mentioned can be dubbed to be the best personal robots for your home. Each of them has features which set them apart and make the investment worth it.

Regardless of which robot assistant you choose, the fact remains that personal robots have made life better and easier than before. In the hectic life that all of us lead, this technology has served to be a breath of fresh air. If you feel as if you need an extra helping hand in your life, you now know that it is not a human that you need but a personal robot which will assist you without getting tired.

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