Pley: The Netflix For Toys

If you want to give your kids an awesome selection of toys apart from just remote control toys you need to check out Pley. A "socially responsible" company with a mission to reduce landfills filled with toys and inspire children to play with toy's instead of devices.

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What is Pley?

Essentially Pley is basically the netflix for toys. It's a toy rental company which charges you a certain amount per month to either keep toys or rent them. You get to choose which toys are delivered to the comfort of you're own home.

P.S They have remote control toys in their inventory!

How does it work?

For a certain amount of money you can receive toys for you're kids and depending on the plan that you choose you can either keep them or rent them. 

Currently Pley has 2 types of plans:

Disney Princess Subscription Box:

If you choose the disney princess subscription box then it will cost you currently around $24.99 a month.

With it you receive 4-8 princess figures and an interesting story.​ For every box you receive monthly it's unique accesories, content and more.

Toy Library - Rent​

Starting at only 12.99$ a month you received 1 credit a month. Usually toys are 1 to 3 credits according to their value and size. If you wish to receive 3 credits a month then you will pay 29.99$ a month. (This option also gives you premium toys).

Pley has a selection of over 500 toys to choose from. That's whole lot of options. So no matter what you're kids interest you can be assured you'll find something that fits they're needs. 

What Type Of Toy Brands?

Here are some of the largest toy brands:

  • Hot Wheels
  • Lego
  • American Girl
  • NERF
  • Marvel

and much more!

Why are they awesome?

For each new sign up Pley promises to donate a toy to an under privileged kid. So by signing up for them you're already helping out others.

Also by renting toys instead of buying them you're helping in reduce the clutter of toys in garbage fills. 


Here are some common questions:

How clean are these toys?

Now since they're being rented and not thrown away every time you use them you might be worried about how clean they are. Pley mentions they completely sanitize the toys between rentals. 

​What if you want to keep the toy?

​Pley offers the opportunity to buy the toy off them if you're child falls in love with it.

Age? Gender?

They have many different options. They have toys for both genders. Age wise they have toys for 2 years old all the way up to toys for 12 year olds.

Renting Toys as compared to Buying Them

So let's see. What are the benefits of renting toys instead of buying them. 

Well for one the cost. According to this statistic the average family spent 371$ on toys in 2013. Now comparing those prices with the cost of renting you're toys you can see the savings. 

Not only that, but hey maybe you're currently in a tight budget right and you're kid wants an expensive toy. Instead of buying it full price you can pay a portion of it to rent it. Saves you money and from there we move on to our second reasoning:​

Kid's get easily bored. Let's face it a lot of us in our younger day's knew how exciting it was to get that toy we had been waiting for months only to use it for a couple of weeks and then forgotten about it.

So going off the post up above what happens when you buy the really expensive toy for your kid who ends up getting bored of it. You can save a lot of money.​

It happens so what better way to keep your child entertained than to have them receive a new toy each month! I would highly recommend to consider checking out Pley.

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