Redcat Rampage MT Review

Are you a fan of monster trucks? Do you wish to experience how it feels to operate it, even if it is a tiny one? If so, Redcat Rampage MT may be a remote control car truck you should try.

Redcat Rampage Review​

redcat rampage review

A monster truck is supposed to be driven on rough terrains. People get an adrenaline rush when they race their vehicles with others' and see as their cars soar high up in the sky after crossing a sand mound. With this type of use, a monster truck needs to be durable to be worth your money. After all, no one wants to spend on an item which can't withstand a little wear and tear.

The creators of the rampage MT have paid attention to the sturdiness of the truck. Such a feature is ensured by the inclusion of robust parts in the making of the product. The parts include a T6 chassis made out of aluminum and a suspension system which is not only flexible but also of high quality.

Moreover, the Redcat Rampage MT contains various metal gears. All of these items contribute significantly to ensuring that you and your monster truck have a beneficial relationship for a long time.

The Runtime

One of the major issues that customers face with remote control cars is that they are marked by a small operating time, i.e., with a full battery, you can only drive them for 10-15 minutes before having to charge them again. Such a feature, or a lack of one, serves to be a huge disappointment for many who wish to use their favorite cars for much longer than a few minutes.

The Rampage succeeds in avoiding this pitfall. How? It does so by not relying on batteries to operate the car. Instead of this dependency on batteries, the product runs on gas. To ensure that the gas doesn't run out, the monster truck features a 700 cc gas tank.

The tank along with the rechargeable receiver pack allows for longer runtimes than battery-operated cars. Moreover, the inclusion of a gas tank makes this product resemble a real monster truck more, which adds to the charm of the product. It's one of our favorites right after the Traxxas Bandit.


  • Gas motor of 32 cc HY 2 stroke

  • Features 72 mm of ground clearance

  • Brake pads and three disc brakes and fiber glass construction

  • Width 600 mm, the height is 350 mm, and the length is 740 mm

  • Features a dual brake system along with a single speed transmission

  • Weight: 46.7 pounds

  • Not only does the truck feature enormous tires which can crush almost anything, but it also includes a bright orange exterior which gives it an uncanny resemblance to a real monster truck


  • Fast speed
  • Easy to use right out the box
  • Easy to drive for any experience level


  • Screws may get loose at times
  • Quality of breaks can be improved

All in all, even though Redcat Rampage MT exhibits a few flaws, it has been lauded by users for its performance and quality. Customers believe that this product is more convenient as well as fun than battery-run remote control cars. Users have loved the inclusion of the gas tank, which they believe is not only convenient but also a unique addition that helps the product resonate with a real-life truck.

Moreover, they have appreciated for being durable and for all the features that the product succeeds in delivering. You can conclude that the pros of buying and using the truck outweigh the cons with immense ease. Therefore, a few flaws are lost on the users who have been quick to overlook them.

Redcat has succeeded in creating more value than the cost it demands. With its value-added features and quality backing it up, one can understand why users do not consider the price of the product to be a hindrance.


If you wish to watch as your monster truck crushes everything that comes its way, you will appreciate this product and its big tires. Buy the Redcat Rampage MT and use it as a way to connect with the outdoors. Steer past obstacles or crush them all as you indulge in a fun game of monster truck racing with your friends. Use this product to let it all out.

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