Robot Delivery: The Rise Of Delivery Robots

One of the biggest advancements that we will be seeing in the upcoming years will be of these semi-autonomous cute delivery robots. These latest robots will be hitting the streets of America with robot food delivery orders and will surprise people with their mind-blowing features.

So, if you see a wheeled robot roaming in your city, do not panic as it is nothing harmful but an adorable robot trying to deliver the food orders. So in this post, we are going to introduce the best and the most advanced delivery robots:

Starship Technologies’ Delivery Robot

Starship Technologies has recently announced its six-wheeled delivery robots that will be taking delivery orders for residents in the U.S. and some European countries. This company has been created by two of the founders of Skype; and their spokesmen just revealed that they are testing a pilot program to deliver food orders from different restaurants.

These robots have six wheels, some sensors, cameras, and a tank. These robots will operate autonomously almost similar to the way the self-driven cars operate. According to Starship Technologies, this robot is capable of traveling up to four mph and can deliver food in just 30 minutes. The robot can hold up to two shopping bags (around 20 lbs.) in its central trunk at a time and can also go fast up to 10 mph when needed. The people who will order food through this bot will get a code that is meant to unlock the bot and release the food from the trunk.

This bot will deliver food to the customers who are within three miles of radius of their initial point, and this tracking will be done through GPS and various sensors.

starship robot

The Starship Technologies CEO declared that they have partnered with Postmates in Washington DC and DoorDash in Redwood City, California. Customers from Postmates and DoorDash will get an option of this robotic delivery, and it would not cost them much. The customers would be able to track their food delivery on the map and get a notification when the order would arrive. The company has made enough measures to make this delivery system secure. No one will be able to steal this bot as it has on-board cameras and built-in alarms.

Marble’s Delivery Robot

Marble is a start-up company that is based in San Francisco and is partnering with Yelp to promote food deliveries through robots. Marble is founded by a group of electrical engineering pass-outs from Carnegie Mellon University.

These grads have worked at Astrobotic Technology, Apple, and Google, and now have come together to introduce the food delivery robot. Marble’s robots are larger in size than their competitors, the Starship Technologies’ bots. They operate with the technology that is used in self-driven cars and are packed with cameras, Lidar, range detection technology, and sensors to track and monitor the surrounding situations.

Some of the Marble’s delivery bots have even started roaming the streets of San Francisco. The idea is to make these bots use the crosswalks and avoid passengers. Marble is designing an accurate 3D map for this purpose so that the bots can locate the location using the sensors.

marble robot

Residents and visitors in San Francisco and Redwood City will be able to order food using the Yelp's Eat24 app to get the food delivered through the robot. Once the robot arrives at the destination, the person can unlock the robot's tank by entering the access code. The Marble’s robots are designed to behave with courtesy to the people in the surroundings and thus they will run along the sidewalks.

But according to news, if the idea of food delivery through robots gets successful, we will be seeing hundreds of robots on the roads, and then they will be using the bike lane instead of the sidewalks. This delivery robot is a four-wheeled one and built over an electric wheelchair base. The cargo bay is four feet tall and can hold up to four shopping bags at a time. Each of the bots is modular so that you can swap the cargo bay in or out depending on the type of delivery.

Dispatch’s Carry Delivery Robot

The trend of delivering things by a robot is on the rise and Dispatch has also joined this race by introducing its robot, Carry. Carry is a delivery robot similar to the competitors, Starship Technologies and Marble. Dispatch is a San Francisco-based company founded by a team of robotics from Princeton University, MIT, UPenn, and Stanford University. These founders also designed Floored’s 3D reconstruction algorithm, and now they are applying the machine learning techniques and computer vision technology to this new robot.

The company plans on introducing an affordable and easy way of delivery to the people through their autonomous robots. Carry is a four-wheeled vehicle, and has an internal container to hold packages. The robot is one yard tall and long and almost the size of a wheel-chair. It will deliver more efficiently as compared to the delivery trucks and will move around the sidewalks. Dispatch is testing this robot to promote deliveries over private turf and not from business consumers.

dispatch delivery robot

The idea is to introduce these robots in the university campuses in California and then it will expand to other private locales. Dispatch is testing its robot Carry in university campuses; and according to the company, it is a good idea as the robot is free from any collision as compared to the crowded roads. Carry can hold around 100 lbs. of packages and the delivery can be accessed by a mobile app by the users. The app will also allow the users to track the robot and the items inside the compartments of the container.

Carry is powered by Lithium-ion batteries and is an electric bot. However, ground-based deliveries through bots are considered unsafe as there are chances of the bots colliding with human-driven vehicles. There is a question mark on how the delivery robots are going to interact with the human-driven vehicles and prevent a collision in case of congestion on roads.

Robby’s Delivery Robot:

Though robots are making their way into airports and factories but spotting one on roads will be something unusual. Robby has designed self-delivering robots that can navigate through the sidewalks and reach your doorsteps autonomously. These are autonomous robots that will be delivering everything on your doorsteps in an affordable way.

Robby has claimed that these delivery robots will reduce the cost of delivery drastically. The robots have been designed by MIT Ph.D.’s. As of now, most of the people prefer delivery boys, but if Robby will reduce the delivery costs to a big extent, it is expected that more people will come forward and place orders through these robots.

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