How Robot Birds Are Teaching Children About Robotics And Coding

With the amount of technology at our disposal and how important technology is to our future. Robotics and coding are more important than ever. It is to our best interests to get the next generation interested in these subjects. One start up is doing everything it can to teach our next generation of kids everything about robotics and coding.

Meet BrainBird Technologies, an education tech start up which is revolutionizing how our children learn. By making affordable robotic products, schools are able to teach their students programming and robotics in a fun and entertaining manner.

Middle schools all over the U.S are starting to use them. One of those schools is Sanford Middle School. They recently created a new class that teaches Introductory Coding to it's students. One of the assignments were to make the Finch Robot show emotions and create drawings. 

finch robot in classroom

Finch Robot

The Finch supports over a dozen programming languages so students can code in the language of their choice. The best part is that it's designed for kid's as young as five years old so it's a great way to get your child interested in these two topics at a young age. 

These finches aren't just complete robots with no emotion, they have diverse programmable personalities ranging from happy bots who like to dance to cranky lazy bots. According to a statistic here over 200 schools and libraries have tested out the finch which means around 25,000 students have coded with the finch robot.

Hummingbird Robotics Kit 

The Hu​mmingbird Kit is another amazing creation by BirdBrain Technologies. It make learning easy and fun. One of the most important things in education is keeping children entertained and BirdBrain Tech does a great job at that.

humming bird kit

​A spin off the famous CREATE Lab by Carnegie Mellon, it's created to teach robotics to children 13 and up. It involves the creation of robots using kit parts and crafting materials. It's easy to use with software programs such as Scratch, Ardublock and quite a few others. The best part is that it's open source. With programming languages such as Scratch, a very popular programming language which is a great first choice for kid's who are wanting to learn how to code. It has a huge community of user's who help out one another on different projects. This allows any child to easily get help on their Hummingbird project.

With it being open source there is an unlimited amount of options you can do with Hummingbird. In an interview over at OpenSource, Tom Lauwers founder of BirdBrain Technologies, mentions how they plan to continue developing open source software and hardware so you can expect much more from them to come.

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