Tamiya CR01 Review

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The launch of the Tamiya Cr01 Land Cruiser at the 2008 Nuremberg Toy Fair was a shock for several hobbyists. The latest addition to the Tamiya series was a well upgraded version of the previous ones and has since then caught several people’s attention who is readily interested in these Trucks. It is built on an absolutely new CR01 chassis and was apparently what was called as the “rock crawling” rig of the Tamiya series.

The revelation of the cr01 was not the first in line, and Tamiya has already taken over the sector of the market with their previous models of popular crawlers which were simply converted Clod Busters with customizable chassis and even a 4-lonked suspension along with it. Now let's take a full look at our tamiya cr01 review.

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CR01 Features:

The Tamiya cr01 is considered as one of the hybrid forms between an offroader and a crawler. The vehicle has centre-mounted transmission along with shaft drives that power the solid axles. The Tires of the vehicles have been highly appraised because of its soft and smooth pliancy and not just that, it even comes paired with 2.2” wheels

One of the unique and distinguishing features of the truck is its particular peculiar use of the coils spring that not just compress and extend, but alongside bends and twists when the stout 4-linked suspension present in the vehicle traverses through and along its range of motions.

Oil-filled shock absorbers are implanted in different angles, and even upside and down present on the sides of the chassis of the vehicle for extra protection and security which are in turn activated by cantilevers and pushrods.

The chassis of the vehicle is itself dominated via several distinctive bent and moulded steel c-frames up top which are in turn connected via several horizontal decks and even latticed vertical plates which are present on the side.

The vehicle is spacious enough for the installation even of the largest ESC and the receiver on the upper decks.

A distinctive 6-cell battery tray is one of the main specifications of the vehicle which tend to accommodate and accept either side-by-side or shotgun packs.

The body of the vehicle is Lexan and has a few ABS as its accessories along with a grille assembly which consists of two decal options that the customer can choose from and that depends on whether the owner of the vehicle wants an installation of a set of LED lights. Rear LED light buckets are also available.


  • Tires are soft and very pliant and safe to drive
  • The locking differential set up is appraised


  • The turning radius of the vehicle is quite poor

If you are looking for a truck for your climbing adventures and a rocky path along with the safe and secured ride, the Tamiya CR-01 Land Cruiser Vehicle is the answer to all your questions. The grip of the truck in uneven paths is much appraised and has received very good feedbacks from the customers and the analysts.

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