Traxxas Stampede Xl-5 Review for 2017

The Traxxas Stampede is one of the best traxxas products out there. It has an amazing performance and comes with all the latest technology that Traxxas has to offer.

There is an array of remote control monster trucks on the market. If you are looking for a monster truck to buy which is marked by superior performance and is worth the money spent, you may want to give the Traxxas Stampede a try. You will not be disappointed. Now read our full review on the Traxxas Stampede. 

traxxas stampede review

How awesome would it be if your monster truck could be by your side regardless of which kind of terrain you are driving on? Well, this product will be there for you on muddy roads, grass, rugged landscape, and almost any kind of terrain you want to operate it on. This is because four big Chrome All-Star tires accompany the product, which is robust enough to function on any form of ground.

Traxxas Stampede Review

Are you worried about water going into your precious truck and damaging the interiors? Don't worry. The manufacturers have you fully covered. The Titan 550 and XL-5 ESC motor included in the product is waterproof and, therefore, allows the truck to remain operational in all kinds of seasons.

Therefore, one can say that no kind of weather or ground can stop you from having fun. All you need to do is take this fully assembled product out of the box and drive your way through anything.

Stampede Performance

The primary thing that you look for in any remote-controlled vehicle is its performance. After all, why would you want a durable or reasonably-priced product if its performance is below par? With this product, you don't have to worry about that. Why? Because premium performance marks it.

The manufacturers of this product have incorporated the award-winning design of the modular system of Slash 4X4. Moreover, the truck is equipped with a shaft-driven 4WD system which is highly advanced in nature.

Furthermore, to make the product portable, the makers of the truck have worked hard to integrate the electronic parts as well as the batteries in an efficient way. Such an effort has resulted in a compact truck which is appreciated by many. The compactness of the product has also yielded positive results when it comes to performance in the form of high center ground clearance.

The clearance, in turn, allows this product to effectively crush past significant hindrances, like huge sand mounds, and to maintain a decent speed on rough terrains. Therefore, you can say that while this product looks and acts like a monster truck, its performance is up to the standards of a racing car. You can have the best of both worlds via it.


Apart from performance, customers value convenience above all. No one wants to spend ages constructing a product when they buy it or spend hours after hours trying to service it back to optimal performance. This product caters to the users' need for convenience just as well it offers superior performance. It does so in two ways.

Firstly, when you take it out of the box, you will discover that it is 100% assembled. This means that you don't need to undergo the painful task of reading a manual and wondering where each bolt goes. All you need to do is take out the Traxxas Stampede out of the box and start having fun.

Secondly, the Stampede can be serviced with parts regardless of whether they match the rest of the components. Hence, upon damage, you can add the required part manufactured by any company. Such a feature means that the product has a low cost of maintenance and an easy accessibility to components. Furthermore, the act of servicing is marked by ease. "How?" you may ask. Well, to deconstruct the product and clean it internally, all you need to do is remove merely five screws to remove the entire front section of the product, and you can access the rear end by removing four screws.

This lack of cumbersome tasks makes this product a likely choice for many.

Apart from the features mentioned above, this product exhibits the following specifications:

  • A 2.4 GHz radio system accompanies the product
  • The radio system is marked by the ability of secure grip and a sleek and shiny exterior
  • The speed control is XL-5 in nature
  • The Stampede uses tough fiber in its construction to enhance durability
  • Powder-coated springs accompany the product
  • Height: 8.94 inches
  • Length: 15.63 inches
  • The maximum driving speed of the rc truck is 30 mph
  • Center ground clearance: 2.95 inches

What others are saying - Users believe that the Stampede is an excellent monster truck for kids or those who want to learn the basics of operating such a product. However, it is not the best product for professional or avid users since its speed is less than what other similar products offer.

The masses have appreciated the fact that it can be used over an array of terrains. However, customers also feel that the driving time of the product is limited due to the use of batteries. The package should include an extra set of batteries to make the product more fun for users than it currently is.

Our Verdict​

All in all, at the end of the day, this rc truck has managed to satisfy users thanks to its eye to detail and understanding of the customer's need for convenience. If you want a product which does not demand too much of your time in assembly or servicing and exhibits a satisfactory performance, you should opt for the Traxxas Stampede. Hopefully you enjoyed our Traxxas Stampede Review. Rate it down below. 

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